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7 Things Girls Who Color Their Hair Know Too Well

Uh, yeah, the "ang ganda ko today" feeling totally exists!
January 22, 2016
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Hair coloring day is always a special event. It’s an exciting time when you get to express your unique style, and also a way to shake things up and re-energize your look. Sometimes it's done with careful planning, and sometimes it’s a spur-of-the-moment, "I'm going platinum and there's nothing anyone can do about it!" affair. In either scenario, the outcome is consistent: you come out of the salon (or the bathroom!) feeling revitalized and super-ganda with your newly colored locks.

We caught up with Cosmo girl and self-confessed hair color addict Joyce Pring to give us the skinny on the different stages of the hair coloring process. Watch the video below to relive all the moments that take place during this grand endeavor—we're sure you can relate to all of them!

At the heart of hair coloring, really, is maintenance and care. You want to properly protect your mane, while at the same time preserving the vibrancy of your color job. Get a hold of the Palmolive Naturals Vibrant Color Shampoo and Conditioner hair care regimen to keep your hair nourished and protected, while at the same time ensuring that your color remains both striking and brilliant. 
Adamant about coloring your hair? We'll be the first to say: you'll never know until you try! But for a more informed decision, visit to find the hair color that's perfect for you! 

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