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8 Ways Instagram Has Made You Double Tap On Life

From snapping photos to capturing life's greatest moments.
July 23, 2015
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If you still aren’t on Instagram, have you been living under a rock?

The awesome hub for cool photos and creative self-expression is a paradise of visual treats that anyone living the Smart Life should take advantage of. Not only does it brighten your day with positive images of people’s day-to-day existence, but it’s also a free source of inspiration.

It’s simultaneously a very personal and public way of showcasing one’s artistic self. Users can curate their IG feeds using different snaps, captured moments, and filtered experiences and share them with the world.

Here are some of the ways Instagram will make you double-tap on life!

It inspires wanderlust.  

Instagram users capture some of the most beautiful images of people, landscapes, and animals from all around the world. If you're aiming for pure bliss via a travel diary, look no further.

It encourages you to hit the gym with fitspo photos.

Granted, Anne Curtis' abs are totally TDF. Put that FOMO feeling to good use and follow her lead for a change! Time to go #beastmode!

It's obvs a pleasure to the senses.

If those delectable food photos don't tickle your taste buds, we don't know what will. IG: definitely not for those who are on a diet.

It motivates you to keep your style game on point.

Few knew it before Instagram came along, but Manila has always been a hotbed of fashionistas and pro-OOTD grammers.

It makes us look and feel beautiful.

Instagram can bring out some of your best features, and it's not just because of the filters.

It's filled with feels!

Super adorable puppy photos will make you go "Awwww!".

It'll bring out your creative side.

Instagram gives you the opportunity to chronicle your everyday lives in an artful manner, which allows you to put more effort into your posts. Hundreds of followers are going to see your photo, so might as well make it count, right?

You can create personal albums online.

Adding unique hashtags to your posts instantly collates your photos into a visual journal. Try inserting your nickname or IG handle onto the end of a hashtag like #EverydayWith___ to share your insta-adventures with your followers. Pro-tip: this will also help you gain those likes!

The good news is you can now experience Instagram for free daily, courtesy of Smart! You can share those memorable moments with up to 200MB of free Instagram with Smart's top postpaid promos. For prepaid, just dial *121# to register to any top prepaid offers and get FREE 30MB of Instagram.

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