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Angel Locsin Reveals She Had to Cut Her Hair Short Due To Botched Salon Treatment

"Sh*t happens talaga."
by F. Valencia
February 04, 2017
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In an interview with TV Patrol, actress Angel Locsin revealed that she had no choice but to cut her hair short due to a salon treatment that went wrong.

PEP quoted Angel as saying, "Sh*t happens talaga (Sh*t really happens)."

She went on to say, "Mahaba siyang kuwento, e. Ikuwento ko next time. But I think kapag may nangyari sa buhay natin kailangan natin talagang mag-move on at bonggahan lang natin ang pag-move on (It's a long story. I'll talk about it next time. But I think if something like this happens, then we have to move on and we have to move on in a grand way)."

An ABS-CBN report notes: "Angel's hair horror began late last year and she has been hiding it with wigs and caps. At one point, the length of her hair was reduced to a mere two inches."

When asked if she would be filing charges against the salon that ruined her hair, Angel said, "Honestly, wala talaga akong plan para mag-file ng case but depende rin kasi kung paano sila makipag-usap sa atin, e (Honestly, I have no plans of filing a case, but it also depends on how they deal with us)."

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