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Anne Curtis Fangirls Over BLACKPINK, Snaps A Pic With The K-Group

Save for her black outfit, we think she could so pass as one of them!
by Zo Aguila
February 15, 2019
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Everyone knows how Anne Curtis is such a fan of K-everything—from dramas to pop stars.  And, she takes her fandom to heart, too, complete with the makeup looks, the quirky K-style, and the strastruck raving about her Korean idols. The K-pop group BLACKPINK is no exception; they're definitely one of the top on Anne's obsessive all-Korean list.

Prior to their much-awaited concert in the Philippines, Anne even gave away 34 BLACKPINK concert tickets in her fan promo #thekoreANNEbirthdaygiveaway to celebrate her 34th birthday.  Then, during BLACKPINK’s concert at the Mall of Asia Arena, Anne made like a true PINK fan herself and jumped at the chance to snap a picture with the hottest K-pop girl gang.

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While Anne was in a black number that made her stand out, we think she could have easily passed as one of the edgy BLACKPINK girls. After all, she’s got that sassy-confident swagger that the BLACKPINK girls are known for. That picture even makes her look like she could be their queen bee (special mention goes to Anne’s abs!).

Regardless of her star power, Anne remains starstruck when it comes to her K-idols. Upon meeting the BLACKPINK girls, she gushed: “I wanted to say so much but ended up being sooo speechless the moment I shook your hands.” We love how Anne can fawn over her K-idols as much as we do. She's definitely one of us in when it comes to our K-obsession. 

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