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(LEFT) Instagram/khalilramos, (RIGHT) Instagram/senorita_jessy
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Ah, Instagram boyfriends. They're the unsung heroes of this generation. Behind every perfect OOTD or travel photo is usually a boyfriend (or best friend) behind the camera, and celebs are no exception! Here are some of the best IG boyfriends we noticed in our timelines recently:  

1. Khalil Ramos 

Khalil has had photography as a hobby for years now, and he's found a new subject: Gabbi Garcia. Cute update: Gabbi surprised Khalil with a three-hour hike for his birthday in January!

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2. Daniel Miranda 

The Cebuano racer's girlfriend Sofia Andres said so herself: "Galing my photographer. Well trained, @danielmirandaa_" The couple were first spotted together in 2018 and have been going steady (based on social media) since then!

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3. Xian Lim

Xian and Kim Chiu, who finally made their relationship official, recently went on a trip to China together! Kim has been posting these gorgeous snaps of her in the snow and guess who took most of them? Yup, it's no other than Xian. 

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4. Luis Manzano 

Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano have been together for more than two years now (they celebrated their second anniversary in June). The two are known for posting sweet messages and snaps for each other on social media!

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5. The Blogger Jowas

Not only are the blogger jowas great at taking their girlfriend's/wife's photos, they also post useful before and after tips on their IG account! Their motto: "Behind every Blogger is a supportive Jowa making sure that the photo is perfect."

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