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Daniel Padilla And James Reid Take On Their First Project Together

It's the team-up you've been waiting for.
May 21, 2019
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Not everyone may realize this, but James Reid and Daniel Padilla have been ruling the local entertainment industry for close to 10 years now (both started their showbiz careers in 2010). Their countless teleseryes, box-office hits, and sold-out concerts are a testament to their star power.

While the two have never collaborated on a major project, fans know it's only a matter of time before their paths would cross. In fact, the inevitable may have already taken place. While James and Daniel are tight-lipped, both actors admitted that they're about to pair up for a big campaign.

During an exclusive interview with the two actors, Daniel said, "Napakaganda ng project na 'to, bagay na bagay sa amin ni James. Sino ba mag-aakala na gagawa kami ng project together?"

"We're making history, so it's really something to watch for. Double the action, double the stars, and double the thrill," adds James.

Check out Pepsi and Mountain Dew's Facebook pages for updates on this exciting collaboration.

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