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OMG, Daniel First Said 'I Love You' To Kathryn During Their 'Princess And I' Days

Kathryn even wrote down the exact date and time!
by Cosmopolitan Philippines
September 16, 2021
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Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla are celebrating their 10th anniversary as a love team and even have plans for their future wedding! Over the years, the once-super private couple have shared details about their relationship, and in a recent video released by Star Cinema, KathNiel had a "Boyfriend Tag Quiz" where Daniel correctly identified Kathryn's celebrity crush (Ryan Gosling), her favorite K-drama (Crash Landing On You), her dream wedding (a beach wedding), and more.

When Kathryn asked him when he first said "I love you" to her, Daniel said it was during their Princess And I days! Kathryn said she wrote the exact date and time on her notebook, but Daniel said it was on a piece of tissue paper. Either way, Kathryn still treasures it to this very day.

Princess And I is a 2012 ABS-CBN teleserye that told the story of Mikay (Kathryn), a teenager who grew up in the Philippines but who's actually the long-lost princess of the kingdom of Yangdon. Daniel played Gino, a rich and arrogant teen who eventually falls in love with her. 

KathNiel on being each other's soulmates 

During their vlog, Kathryn also asked Daniel if he thinks she's his soulmate. The answer was yes, of course! 

Kathryn agreed and said: "Ang soulmate ibig sabihin yung destined for you, 'di ba? I think planado siya ni God, kung paano kami nagkakilala, yung tamang oras. So, you're my soulmate...Naniniwala ako sa soulmates, kasi marami kang makikilala, but at the end of the day mayroong isang person parati na, yung iba nagwo-work sa kanila, like kami. But yung iba minsan nakikilala mo yung soulmate mo [at the] wrong time." 

Daniel said their meeting was perfect. The pair met when Daniel was 17 and Kathryn was 16! They were formally introduced when Daniel was getting cast for their 2011 teen show Growing Up.

You can watch their full Boyfriend Tag Quiz below: 

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