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10 English Song Covers By K-Pop Idols That We Just Can't Get Enough Of

We asked several K-pop fans and here are their picks!
by Lei Reyes
January 29, 2022
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In the middle of album releases, comeback activities, and fan events, K-pop idols love to surprise their fans with various content like surprise Vlives or Instagram lives, magazine photoshoots, and song covers of different artists. It feels like a treat when your favorite K-pop artist covers one of your other favorite tracks. If this has happened to you, we bet you screamed when you first saw that notification on your phone or when the initial notes played, and your faves started singing!

So, we asked some K-pop fans to share the best English song covers by a K-pop idol they have listened to, and here’s some of what they told us (Who knows? You’ll probably discover some covers that will be part of your covers-I-wish-were-officially-released playlist. We sure did!):

  1. "ILYSB" (Lany) by The Rose

    Even non-fans love this song cover of Lany’s "ILYSB" by the Korean band, The Rose. There’s just something about leader and vocalist Kim Woosung’s voice that brought a unique touch to this popular song. It feels like The Rose is serenading you while you’re slow dancing with the love of your life.

    As the description of the performance video alludes to, this song cover should be titled "ILTRSB" which means "I Love The Rose So Bad.We say yes to that! Watch The Rose’s live performance of “ILYSB” here:

  2. The Only Exception (Paramore) by BLACKPINK’s Rosé

    Rosé's angelic voice as she plays the guitar in this acoustic song cover of Paramore’s "The Only Exception" makes us want to put this song on repeat all day. The way she expresses the emotions of this song is addicting. Imagine if she releases her very own acoustic album someday! Here’s the live performance video that will melt your ears:

  3. "Yellow," "In My Place," "The Scientist," "Adventure Of A Lifetime," and "Viva La Vida (Coldplay medley)" by PENTAGON’s Jinho

    When it comes to live singing, PENTAGON can definitely boast. The members are all vocally talented and main vocalist Jo Jinho showcases his passion for music in his personal project, Magazine Ho, where he releases song covers every month. What does it feel like to be a Universe (PENTAGON's fandom name) and get to listen to Jinho singing different genres each time? Must be awesome! Check out Jinho’s Coldplay medley cover here:

  4. "Into The Unknown" (Idina Menzel and AURORA) by AKMU’s Lee Suhyun

    We don’t know what blew us awaySuhyun's crystal clear voice which definitely suits Frozen 2’s OST, "Into the Unknown," or the fact that she was ice skating while singing this and her voice never once faltered. We can totally visualize her singing a Disney movie OST! Watch this and we guarantee your jaw will drop:

  5. "good 4 u" (Olivia Rodrigo) by Gaho and KAVE

    This is one gem of a cover by singer and songwriter Gaho and Korean rock band KAVE (which Gaho is also a part of by the way). The arrangement is insane! No wonder fans kept raving about how Gaho and KAVE turned this song into their own with this punk rock version. Time to check out all their other covers and original songs! Here’s the special MV for this cover:

  6. "Lost Stars" (Adam Levine) by BTOB’s Changsub

    Although Cube Entertainment did not release an official video of this song cover on YouTube, BTOB member Lee Changsub’s practice video for his solo concert in Japan is already mesmerizing on its own. Changsub is known for his vocal color and watching him nail this song makes us want to hear more English song covers from him.

    We can totally relate to K-pop reactor Erika Ch when she exclaimed, "So effortless but so good!". Check out her full reaction to this song cover at the 4:40 mark:

  7. "I Like Me Better" (Lauv) by NCT’s Jaehyun

    We bet thousands of hearts fluttered watching the special video of Jaehyun's "I Like Me Better" cover. His vocals and visuals fit this song so well. No wonder the video has 74 million views! We also want to be in love in New York City *wink* if it’s with someone like Jaehyun! Would it be too much to wish for a performance video, too? Watch the video that made fans fall in love all over again here:

  8. "Stuck With U" (Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber) by Henry and BOL4

    Of course, we can’t forget this duet song cover of "Stuck with U" by Henry and BOL4. Their voices blend so well together, and fans were not lying when they say Henry has good chemistry with everyone. Who knew singing inside the car would feel like a stage performance? Talent really speaks for itself! Here’s the live performance video we’re putting on loop:

  9. "Speechless" (Naomi Scott) by Dreamcatcher’s Siyeon

    After watching Siyeon’s cover of this Aladdin OST, we definitely think more people should know about this talented singer! This is not an easy song to sing but Siyeon’s powerful vocal made it seem relatively easy. It might be time to stan Dreamcatcher! Watch the full video here:

  10. "i’m so tired…" (Lauv and Troye Sivan) by VERIVERY

    Even the rappers are singing in this "i’m so tired…" song cover by VERIVERY! The way they gave a chance for each member to showcase their vocals plus the lovely harmonies make us wish this song cover is on Spotify. The good news is that VERIVERY regularly releases song and dance covers even in between comebacks so if you like this cover there are more videos you can binge-watch. Check out the special MV featuring all the members here:

These are just some of the countless English song covers by K-pop artists which instantly became our faves. If you want more, just explore YouTube and you’ll be down the rabbit hole of cover masterpieces in no time.

Did you discover hidden gems from this list? What are your fave English song covers that you want the world to know? Which other English songs do you wish your fave artist would do a cover of? We’d love to know your recommendations!


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