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Netizens Are Praising Gerald Anderson For Being Julia Barretto's *Instagram Boyfriend*

He's been so supportive of his girlfriend's new business!
by Cheska Santiago
January 20, 2022
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(LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/baby_love.fanpage, Instagram/juliabarretto
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ICYDK, Julia Barretto launched her own brand, The Juju Club, in late 2021. Her online store is filled to the brim with accessories that will make any kikay girl happy—like bandanas, sunglasses, rings, hair clips, and more!

Julia has also been super *hands-on* with her brand, involving herself in the process of brainstorming, sourcing, and even modeling her products. The best part? Even her boyfriend, Gerald Anderson, has been totally *supportive* since the launch, and the internet was quick to gather proof.

Case in point: One of their Instagram fan accounts recently reposted a behind-the-scenes video of Gerald acting as Juju's photographer as she posed and showed off the Juju tote bag, one of the products she's selling.

Gerald can be seen leaning back a few times while trying to get the *perfect* shot, proving that he's a total Instagram boyfriend! The netizens in the comments also praised him for being supportive of Juju and her business.

FYI, an ~Instagram boyfriend~ has become the internet's term for someone who takes your double tap-worthy, photogenic shots. They help you pose, figure out the optimal lighting set-up, and even hype you up as you pose away! (Here are some pointers you can show them to let them know the ~basics~).

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