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Gigi De Lana Responds To *Bashers* Who Called Her 'Dirty' For Getting A Tattoo

It's about time we stop policing women for what they choose to do with their bodies.
by Yssa Cardona
April 12, 2023
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In a conservative country like the Philippines, tattoos are still considered *taboo*. It’s often frowned upon at work and at places of worship, as is usually considered “unprofessional” and “disrespectful” to the ~sanctity~ of our bodies.

Through the years, however, more and more people (celebs included!) have been embracing the tattoo culture. Case in point: Gigi De Lana, who took to social media to share her new body art.


While Gigi's post was only meant to thank her tattoo artist, the comments section was bombarded with criticisms from netizens, with some even calling her “dirty” for getting inked.

"Sayang ang skin mo, dirty na," one user wrote.

"I just hate tattoos on pretty women," another one chimed in.

Facebook/Gigi De Lana
Facebook/Gigi De Lana
Facebook/Gigi De Lana
Facebook/Gigi De Lana

In a recent Facebook post, the singer addressed the harsh comments. “Just because I got a tattoo, again. A lot of people have judged my skin, my passion, and my heart. Some of them have good comments, but most of them are like: ‘She’s dirty now,’” she wrote.

“Please, don’t judge. Lalo na you will never know the real whole story behind it. Just because I have a lot of tattoos does not mean I’m a bad person. I’m just different now.”

Gigi says that she has grown to be more confident in herself. “I’m stronger, bolder, more confident, and as much as I can, I don’t judge. I grow every day. Let’s love one another, and stop controlling things that you cannot control.”

Her fans showered the post with positive messages defending Gigi from people making unsolicited comments about her body.

“Many of you are reacting excessively. Aren’t you all ashamed of what you were saying? The tattoo looks beautiful on her, so why are you against a woman getting one? If she ever had tattoos all over her body, would that have an impact [on] you and ruin your life?” says one netizen. “Her body, her choice. It’s very disappointing to read all of these ridiculously dumb remarks.”


“People in the comments talking about how she’s supposed to be this and that, what YOU’RE supposed to be doing is minding YOUR business. Not hers,” another comment reads.


It's 2023, it's about time we stop policing women for what they choose to do with their bodies. You look beautiful, Gigi!

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