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Here Are The Korean Christmas Traditions We Learned From Viral TikToker Dasuri Choi

The PH-based Korean vlogger celebrated a Joy-Full holiday with her fans via Facebook livestream!
December 20, 2021
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If you’ve always wanted to spend the holidays with your ~oppa~, then it’s important to know what Christmas is like in Korea! Thankfully, our chingu Dasuri Choi was helpful enough to teach us their different traditions and customs. Here’s what we learned from the dancer-turned-vlogger during her recent FB Live with her fans, presented by OPPO

You get to do different winter activities over the holidays.
Anyone who’s been to Korea knows that it gets cold and snowy when the ber months hit. During the holidays, locals get to build snowmen (pronounced as noonsaram in Korean) and have snowball fights.

Although she misses rolling in a blanket of white, Dasuri shared that she totally loves the warm, summery weather in the Philippines–even during the holidays. “Sobrang saya siya,” she shared. After all, she’s been based in the Philippines in the past several years and has found a second home here, too.

Christmas is typically spent with friends.
In the Philippines, Christmas is pretty much a strict family event. But in Korea, it’s usually spent going out with your friends and jowa! But Dasuri loves how Filipino families go all out with food, games, and prizes during Noche Buena.

In her FB live, she also taught us a Korean phrase: “Seonmul juseyo,” which means “Give me a gift.” in English. Now you know what you can tell your future Korean bf when you’re walking through the snowy streets of Myeondong one day!

You can curl up and watch a classic Christmas movie.
Just like other countries, Christmas movies are all the rage during the holidays. In Korea, you can usually catch Western movies like Harry Potter and Home Alone on TV. And with the crazy cold climate, sometimes getting cozy and spending a snowy evening in your living room is the best way to cap off the year.

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