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Just 10 Super Hot Photos Of ‘Flower Of Evil’ Star, Kim Ji Hoon

He's *SO* handsome!
by Retty Contreras
September 15, 2020
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I don’t know about you, but I’ve been very hooked on the tvN drama Flower of Evil lately. As in, I patiently wait for new episodes to come out every week. The drama is down to its last few episodes and let me tell you, it’s getting majorly intense. Literally every episode contains twists and turns that leave us saying: “WTF!?” Every. Single. Time.

Warning: This part onwards contain minor spoilers from the first 13 episodes of Flower of Evil, so please exit if you haven’t seen it!

The show is headlined by Lee Joon Gi (his first drama in a long time) and Moon Chae Won. Joon Gi and Chae Won play the role Baek Hee Song and Cha Ji Won, a young couple with an adorable and smart daughter, Eun Ha. Hee Song runs a metal crafts shop, while Ji Won is a detective and police officer. I won’t spoil much for you, but based on the trailer alone, you can already tell that Hee Song has been keeping some secrets from his wife. You can watch it on Viu—episodes come out Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

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Anyway, today, I want to put the spotlight on one of the stars of the show, Kim Ji Hoon, who also plays the role of Baek Hee Song. He’s definitely NOT one of the good guys on the show, but let’s admit it: he’s *so* gwapo! I did some insta-stalking, because just like a lot of you, I've been so curious about him because he honestly freaks me out the most on the show, but also, I find him so attractive, lol. (That scene he put his hair up in a

Here, 10 hot photos of Ji Hoon. (We know we shouldn't be attracted becase, duh, his role is...dangerous. But you GUYS!!!)

Look at him:

Really, a beautiful man:

We’re just going to leave these here:

Here he is on set, with blonde hair, lol.:

Casual wear never looked this good:

If you haven’t seen Flower of Evil yet, you still have time to catch up. All episodes are available on Viu!

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