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Hyun Bin's And Son Ye Jin's First Impressions Of Each Other Will Make You *Super Kilig*

Here's a little throwback that will make your day!
by Hanna Tamondong
January 27, 2021
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Hello, #BinJin fans! Are you still not over the news that one of our favorite K-drama loveteams has turned into a real-life couple? Let's admit it—it's almost been a month since the wonderful news broke, but we still can't help but smile every time we see Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin content on our feeds! Now here's something that will make you happier: We recently found out what their first impressions of each other are, and my gosh, nakakakilig!

Most of you already know that Binnie and Ye Jin starred in the Netflix drama Crash Landing On You, but did you know that they also led the 2018 movie The Negotiation? It was actually their first project together!

When they were promoting their film on a TV show, the two revealed what their first meeting was like. According to Ye Jin, her first impression of Binnie was that "...he had really great skin and hair, and I thought he must be an actor that actresses are really into.” Well, if this ain't true! He's definitely that one guy who can be everyone's ideal type, right?!

On the other hand, Binnie said that the reason he accepted the cast offer for The Negotiation is because Ye Jin was going to be a part of it (Fun fact: In a press con, Ye Jin also said that Hyun Bin was a great factor why she chose the film!). The 38-year-old actor further explained what amazed him about her: “When I saw that Son Ye Jin had cut her hair [into a bob] for the movie, I was shocked because I knew she had a project lined up after the movie. She cut her hair anyway, and she must have gotten some grief from her follow-up project. It was really motivating for me. What could I do [to be on the same level as her]?” Guys, noon pa lang bilib na siya kay Ye Jin!

Okay, so when they were already filming the movie, Binnie became even more impressed with our girl! In fact, he shared that wanted to work with her again after The Negotiation. And that's why we're all grateful that CLOY happened. <3

In more recent news, Hyun Bin was awarded a daesang (grand prize) for K-drama at the 2020 APAN Star Awards. During his acceptance speech, he made a shoutout to his co-star and girlfriend, Ye Jin, in the most professional yet sweetest way we can think of. HaaaayMay your relationship last for a long, long time, BinJin!


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