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Janeena Chan Shares The Gadgets She Uses To Get Her Through Her Busy Schedule

They're also pretty affordable!
July 16, 2021
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The pandemic has disrupted our routines and has made staying productive more challenging. But despite these obstacles, host, vlogger, and content creator Janeena Chan has found ways to keep pursuing her goals.

Janeena’s days in the new normal, while usually packed with recordings and content creation, always follow a routine. She starts off her morning with daily devotionals, some light yoga, and, of course, her fave playlists to boost her mood. She then works to accomplish everything she has to do for the day: hosting engagements, recording for her podcast (Rise Up with Janeena Chan), shooting content for her social media platforms, and writing for her online columns.

To cap off the day, Janeena does simple stretches before curling up with an e-book or series, and spends quality time with her family and cat. These unhurried “me times” where she can just be herself and let loose are really essential to her. She even plots her rest days to make sure that she sticks to them.

How else does she keep her productivity up while maintaining balance with personal activities? Simple can’t-live-withouts to make sure she’s on top of everything she has to do! “A cup of coffee is a must, also a very neat workspace!” Her self-care tip is also to dress up even if you’re just staying at home. “Dressing for yourself can really do wonders while working from home and just feeling great all together,” she said.

To make sure that she stays on track in her digitally-driven field and in her personal goals, Janeena also makes sure to have the right gear to count on.

“As a podcaster and host, I value earphones with a long-lasting battery and great audio quality to really help me really focus on my work, recordings, and interviews,” Janeena shared. “The OPPO Enco X is my trusty new pair of earphones that simply don’t disappoint. It has a noise cancellation feature, and the fit feels super ergonomic on the ears. [That helps me] stay focused and comfy throughout podcast recordings, hosting for taped interviews or livestream shows, or simply attending online meetings!”

She also shared that she uses the OPPO Enco X every morning to optimize the sound quality of her playlists. This helps her feel more energized and adds “positive morning vibes” while she takes her coffee.

Her earphones also add the perfect soundtrack to make her workouts better. “You can really feel the hi-fi quality difference since it’s co-created with Dynaudio! So whether I’m in the mood to simply jam to my fave songs or if I feel extra sporty at the moment, I’m covered and all good!” she exclaimed.

Speaking of fitness, Janeena uses a fitness tracker, the OPPO Band, to help her stay on track with her goals.

“The band is an overall lifestyle partner! Having my OPPO Band now keeps me reminded of my daily fitness goals so I no longer miss out doing my light workouts and some stretches just to pump up my body for the day!” she shared.

The band also helps keep Janeena from being sedentary, which is a common problem nowadays.

“Not only does it help me track my fitness goals with its twelve workout modes, it reminds me to stand up and move around whenever I’ve been seated way too long when I edit content, write articles, or have online meetings. And it also helps me preview important emails and texts since it's synced to my real-time messages.” Janeena added.

The OPPO Band also includes a feature that reminds you to breathe and oxygen level tracker function, which Janeena uses to remind herself to relax throughout the day.

The new normal may have delayed some of our goals, but that’s okay. We’re all adjusting and finding ways to work around the situation. So, remember to take it easy and give yourself time to relax. Janeena shared her own advice on how we can stay productive and prevent burnout while at home:

“Enjoy all of your seasons. Sometimes we beat ourselves up when we feel like we didn’t achieve our productivity goals for the day, week, and month. But there’s so much more to living than just working. Just be truly present every day, be appreciative of everything you have, and never take anything for granted. Also, be compassionate with yourself, celebrate small wins, and always trust the process and timing of your life! Don’t be guilty when you rest, it will propel you, even more, to rise up and bounce back even stronger and refreshed once again.”

OPPO Enco X and OPPO Band retail at P6,999 and P1,699 respectively and are available via e-commerce sites Lazada and Shopee, and selected OPPO Brand Stores. For more information, visit OPPO’s official website, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

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