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Janella Salvador Sang With Her Dad For The First Time Ever And It Was Awesome

They bonded over Queen songs!
by Maan D'Asis Pamaran
November 25, 2018
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Janella Salvador comes from a talented family, but she made it no secret that she was raised by a single parent. Her mom Janine Desiderio and her father Juan Miguel Salvador separated when she was only three years old. She didn’t see her father for several years, although she was aware that he was a rocker—the lead singer of Rage Band, which had a strong following in the '80s.

She told PEP in November 2015 that growing up, people were telling her what a good singer her dad was, but that she couldn’t relate because she had never seen him perform.

So one day, she went undercover to one of his gigs at Strumm’s in Makati after convincing her mom to bring her there. She shares, “Na-overwhelm ako, kasi ang galing-galing niya at his age pa rin.”

After that show in 2015, she got to talk to him. He was surprised to see her there, Janella recalled, and asked her to get in touch more often. It was an emotional reunion, which ended with her hugging it out with her dad.

Fast-forward to November 2018, when they got together onstage to perform at the same place she first heard him sing. The talented father-and-daughter duo rocked out to a medley of Queen’s songs, including “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

She posted about the momentous event with snippets of their song numbers on Instagram. She started her post with a check mark, signifying that this was part of her bucket list. She wrote: “Sing with my papa onstage for the first time ever. Surreal. No dry cough or dysmenorrhea can stop me (so please forgive my shaky voice)! Enjoy our little Queen tribute!”

There’s no doubt Janella and her dad loved every second of sharing the stage together, and that he was so proud of her. At the very end of the set, just like the first time they met three years ago, they hugged.

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