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Janella Salvador And Markus Paterson's Son Jude Now Has An Insta Account

Welcome to the ~digital world~, Baby Jude!
by Cosmopolitan Philippines
January 06, 2021
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(LEFT TO RIGHT) INSTAGRAM/markus, INSTAGRAM/judetrevorpaterson
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Last night, January 5, Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson revealed to the world that they were new parents to their son Jude Trevor Paterson. Their 30-minute long vlog documented Janella's medical checkups in the Philippines to her birth in the UK with Marcus and their families. Since they now have a YouTube channel, called M & J & J, we're totally expecting more updates and content about their growing fam!

But that's not all, though, it looks like the Gen-Z parents wanna document Jude's milestones on Instagram as well. In a sweet dad and son pic that Markus posted earlier today, he tagged Baby Jude with his first official Insta account, @judetrevorpaterson.

The account's bio reads "future gentleman" and "Born on 20/10/20," Baby Jude's birthday. As of writing, Baby Jude doesn't have any posts yet but already has over 12.4k followers. Can't wait to see more of this 'lil man!


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