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When It Was Joyce Pring's Turn To Surprise Juancho Trivino, It Made Him Cry!

Grabe na, you guys! You're giving us a V-day high.
by Zo Aguila
February 13, 2019
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After all the suprises Juancho Trivino planned and prepped for Joyce Pring over the past couple of months, Joyce felt that it was finally her turn to plan something for him, especially after his recent surprise. Pretending they were going to spend time with Joyce's friends to celebrate Charisma Lico's birthday, Joyce told Juancho that they should just schedule their next bonding sesh for next week. Joyce, however, had a secret set up planned to surprise Juancho for Valentine’s. 

Joyce arranged for a dinner for the two of them and even prepared a video showcasing the first few weeks they spent together. Her surprise was so heartfelt and kilig that the suprise brought Juancho to tears. The video seemed to have worked doubly hard because it made Juancho cry even more. You be the judge and tell us what you think:

We at Cosmo think that the Juanchoyce moments video was super kilig because it was a happy montage of wonderful moments that the two have shared. It highlighted things they did, places they visited, and even professions of like and love that made us blush.

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So, it seems like Valentine’s is definitely set for this happy pair. Joyce claims that her surprise was “sobrang simple lang coz first time ko din mag-effort like this for Vday” but she hopes “I made him happy.” In her post about her V-day surprise, she signed off with a playful “Wait for me.” We’re totally rooting for this true-to-life love team and honestly can’t wait for them to get together for real.

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