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Heart Evangelista Had *No Clue* That Kevin Kwan Requested She Audition For 'Crazy Rich Asians'

'Yes. I didn't know!'
by Steph Esguerra Olarte
February 05, 2022
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Heart Evangelista just released a vlog on February 3, and it had a *major revelation* about her audition for Crazy Rich Asians.

While sitting down with Crazy Rich Asians author Kevin Kwan, Heart found out that Kevin actually requested that she audition for the movie!

"A lot of people are asking and you know, it's been so long," Heart told Kevin. "How did we meet? How did we connect? How did it happen?" Facing the camera, she added, "I think that's how he kind of 'saw me,' if I'm not mistaken."

"Well, let's reverse it," Kevin replied. "Let's rewind it even more. Because I have requested that we get you to audition."

"What?!" a totally shocked Heart reacted. "I didn't know that. You didn't tell me that!"

"Yeah, of course," Kevin said.

Heart's followers took to Twitter to share their reactions to the news.

"Waittttt Kevin requested Heart to audition???" one netizen said. "Then she didn’t knowwww?! Sayang! Crazy Rich Asians could’ve been IMPECCABLE kung [na-cast] si @heart021485."

"Yes," Heart replied, with a crying emoji. "I didn't know!"

Fans will recall that Heart revealed she had auditioned for the role of billionaire hotel chain heiress Araminta Lee. The agent in LA asked her to resend her file as the presentation had stopped in the middle. They also asked if she was available to shoot and Heart was game, but they never got back to her. Heart was totally cool about it, though, and said that "there's always a reason for everything."

In 2018, Heart and other Asian style icons spent time with Kevin in Paris for his Real Crazy Rich Asians video. Kevin also wrote the foreword for Heart's book, Styled With Heart, in 2019.

In June 2021, Heart revealed in an IG Live that she's working on a project with Kevin. When asked if it was for another Crazy Rich Asians film, the actress replied, "No, but... Basta." The two have remained good friends and even reunited in August 2021 in LA (which also looks like when Heart filmed her chat with Kevin). 

At that time, Heart also met up with cast members of Bling Empire, a reality series inspired by Crazy Rich Asians, which she's been rumored to be appearing in. When TMZ reporters asked if she was filming for the show's second season, Heart coyly replied, "Well, whatever it is, it's just for the Filipinos."

In a recent press conference, Heart confirmed that she's starring in a Netflix series, but didn't give details as to if it's Bling Empire

Watch Heart's vlog here:

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