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Kwon Nara And Kim Myung Soo Will Be Starring In A New Drama Together!

The historical drama's title is 'Secret Royal Inspector.'
by Hanna Tamondong
September 11, 2020
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We are adding another must-watch K-drama on our list! Kwon Nara and Kim Myung Soo, along with Lee Yi Kyung and Lee Tae Hwan, will lead the upcoming historical drama, Secret Royal Inspector.

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The storyline of Secret Royal Inspector is set in the Joseon Dynasty, where Kim Myung Soo will take the role of Sung Yi Kyum, a public official in a research agency who was punished due to his gambling acts and was required to become a secret royal inspector. Kwon Nara will play the role of Hong Da In who joins forces with Sung Yi Kyum as an undercover. Lee Yi Kyung will play the role of Sung Yi Kyum’s adorable servant, Park Choon Sam, and Lee Tae Hwan will take on the role of Sung Yi Kyum’s half-brother, Sung Yi Bum, with his father being an aristocrat and his mother a servant.

Kwon Nara’s most recent project was her role as the protagonist’s first love in the Park Seo Joon-lead K-drama Itaewon Class, Oh Soo Ah. Kim Myung Soo starred in the rom-com fantasy drama Meow, The Secret Boy as the loveable cat who can turn into a human named Hong Jo. Lee Yi Kyung was well-known for his character Lee Joon Ki in Welcome to Waikikiand Lee Tae Hwan played the character of Joo Kang San in Graceful Friends.

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