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9 Fascinating Facts About K-Drama Actor Lee Kyu Hyung AKA Hallyu's *Cameo King*

You’ve probably seen this 'All of Us Are Dead' star in several buzz-worthy dramas lately.
by Ginyn Noble
January 31, 2022
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What makes some actors so impressive is when they’re versatile enough to take on diverse roles. They’re not always the struggling poor guy who works his way up to success. They’re not always a dreamy boy next door that the lead girl strives to get to know. Instead, they might have played the protagonist in a rom-com last year and slayed as a villain in their next project. A perfect example: Actor Lee Kyu Hyung.

Here are facts about Lee Kyu Hyung that you *should* know:

  1. He’s almost 40 years old!

    Born on November 29, 1983 (Year of the Pig), Kyu Hyunh has just recently turned 38. Among the notable actors who were born the same year are Jung Kyung Ho (Hospital Playlist), Park Hae Jin (Man To Man), and Lee Sang Yeob (While You Were Sleeping). That’s also the same year as the birthdays of Super Junior's Leeteuk and Heechul. Like a lot of mysterious actors around his age, there is no news of him dating or getting married soon.

  2. He was a theater major.
    When it comes to acting, Kyu Hyung has an incredible range. It's no surprise that he has a film and theater background. He was a student at Kyung Hee University and then he completed his studies at Dongguk University. Kyu Hyung mentioned that he transferred because the latter was the alma mater of an actor he admired, Choi Min Sik (Nameless Gangster, Lucy, and The Battle: Roar To Victory).

  3. He played a minor role in The Face Reader.
    After graduating, Kyu Hyung debuted in plays, musicals, and a couple of films. In 2013, he appeared in the historic movie, The Face Reader, which stars Song Kang Ho, Lee Jung Jae, Jo Jong Suk, Lee Jong Suk, and other big Hallyu names. He’s not even on the main cast list, since he was just a stand-in for an actor who couldn't make it to the set one day. But his role as a eunuch was central to a plot twist.

  4. His controversial character in Prison Playbook was arguably the first to give him mainstream recognition.
    While the dark comedy isn't exactly "mainstream," it did become a popular series not just in South Korea but also overseas. It was a hit among K-drama fans in the Philippines when Netflix started streaming it. Han Yang, aka "Looney" (the cute drug addict played Kyu Hyung) certainly made an impression among everyone who watched the show. And we still can’t get over his character’s storyline!

    What’s even more interesting is when Jung Hae In became part of the prison cell that Han Yang was in. The former was manly and serious while Looney was, well, looney. They fought a lot at first but eventually showed a heartwarming bromance.

  5. He’s a great singer.
    There was a scene in Prison Playbook when he was asked to sing, and he did so in his cute character’s voice. But as you’d expect in anyone with a serious theater background, his real voice is TDF. He gave a preview when he was a guest in a variety show. It was a duet with Yoo Yeon Seok at first, but his voice shined in the end. If you want to appreciate his vocals more, watch clips of his musicals!

  6. He’s a cameo king.
    Prison Playbook was directed by Shin Won Ho, the acclaimed name behind the Reply and Hospital Playlist series. It was such a pleasant surprise when Kyu Hyung appeared in an episode of HP’s second season. But that's not the only show where he made a brief yet memorable appearance. He was also in Han Hyo Joo and Park Hyung Sik's Happiness, in Racket Boys, in Song Ji Hyo’s The Witch's Diner, and in Lee Dong Wook and Kim Bum's Tale Of The Nine-Tailed. He was even in an episode of Goblin and in the rom-com movie A Year-End Medley.

  7. He also starred in several other hit dramas.

    He can be a protagonist or an antagonist—and he slays in either role. Did you know that he was in Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth? He didn't have a lot of screentime, but unlike his most popular roles, he played a bad guy there. He was also in Life with Lee Dong Wook and in Doctor John with Ji Sung. If you like thrillers, you might want to catch him in the fourth season of Voice. And if you’re looking for a fantasy drama that’ll make you laugh and cry, watch him with Kim Tae Hee in Hi Bye, Mama. We stan a hardworking oppa!

  8. He's a cast member of the anticipated Netflix series, All Of Us Are Dead.

    Zombie-related TV shows and films are always exciting. This month, we have another one based on a webtoon and set in a high school. Because of the setting, the cast members are all fresh faces, but the supporting character lineup is one to watch! Kyu Hyung plays a detective who got caught up in the zombie virus outbreak.

  9. He has a YouTube channel and an Instagram account.
    If you want to get to know him better, you might want to subscribe to his YouTube channel and binge-watch his vlogs. You’ll have to be versed in Korean, though, since he doesn't use English and his videos don’t have subtitles. He isn't like serious vloggers, too, as most of his uploads are short snippets of his daily activities. They’re a great way to see him without the glitz and glam of TV or movie productions.

    When it comes to his IG account, it’s the usual content you’ll expect from actors: A mix of candid selfies, behind-the-scenes photos, drama promotions, and ads. See him all made up and dressed up for colorful theater roles and magazine appearances. You’ll also spot some interactions with his close friends in showbiz like Yoon Se Ah (SKY Castle). And he also shares random things about himself like his ENTP-A personality and his recent experience with his COVID-19 jab.


    Watch Lee Kyu Hyung’s past projects on Netflix and iQiyi and tune in to his upcoming projects—with his range, there’ll be plenty more, for sure!


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