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Maggie Wilson Slams Sellers Of Overpriced Antigen Test Kits: 'It's disgraceful'

'Greed! We have no price regulations in place.'
by Steph Esguerra Olarte
January 11, 2022
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Maggie Wilson is *furious* with those selling overpriced antigen test kits amid rising cases of COVID-19 in the country.

The former beauty queen-turned-interior designer took to IG Stories to air her frustration with people profiteering and taking advantage of the situation.

"So I inquired about buying a box of antigen test kits for a friend who's based in the UK for her family in the Philippines," Maggie wrote. "The prices of a box of 20 to 25 kits have now doubled."

"It's disgraceful how the people who are selling them are taking advantage of the situation and upping the prices due to the demand. Greed! We have no price regulations in place."

Maggie also expressed her dismay at how these tests are not as easily accessible to the general public as in other countries. She described how in the UK, people can simply walk into a pharmacy to ask for free test kits, whereas in the Philippines, a box can cost P10,000.

"It's even more disgraceful that our government doesn't offer them for free."


As of January 11, the Philippines has crossed the three million mark of total COVID cases.

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On January 7, the Department Of Health (DOH) announced that no self-administered antigen test kit has been registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) despite the increase in online sellers.

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