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Aww, Marian Rivera And Zia Dantes Surprise Dingdong Dantes On Valentine's Day

'Tis *still* the season to share the love!
by Dyan Zarzuela
February 28, 2019
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For the past decade, it was always Dingdong Dantes who would surprise Marian Rivera on Valentine’s Day. This year, Marian had a big surprise for her husband with the help of their daughter, Zia Dantes

While Dingdong was out delivering flowers to lucky customers on behalf of Marian’s Flora Vida flower shop, she got busy with the preparations. She decorated their backyard with balloons, candles, and his favorite “bloody red” roses. In the center of it all was the mouthwatering spread she cooked as inspired by his favorite boodle fight.

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In their new vlog episode, she says, "Sabi ko kay Dong ako ang taya for Valentine’s Day this year... Gusto niya lang daw kumain sa labas. Kaya ayan, sa labas kami ng bahay kumain. Literal!" LOL! 

Not one to miss out on all the fun, Zia helped surprise her dad and gave him a red rose and a shirt. Joining her parents for dinner, she surprised her mom with a Valentine’s Day card she made in school. The three-year-old also received flowers, a doll, and a stuffed toy from her parents.

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