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While the rest of us here in Manila were celebrating V-Day with our S.O.s, Maxene Magalona decided to surprise her 1.1 million Insta followers with her biggest post to date: she and boyfriend Rob Mananquil got engaged in Tokyo!

Maxene teased her followers with a 3-part post of couple pics concluding with Rob kneeling down on one knee at the walkway of the Tokyo Dome. Here's a screenshot of her IG grid (posted from the rightmost shot):

As all of us who follow this couple know, Japan is Maxene’s (and ok, yours too, Rob) absolute favorite place in the world. In 2016 alone, Maxene and Rob flew off to Japan thrice!

Here’s their pre-Valentine’s celebration with the Magalona fam in Feb:

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In August, they went on a trip for two in Tokyo:

And they rang in 2017 with a joint New Year celebration with both the Magalonas and Mananquils:

But Max’s true obsession is all things Hello Kitty! For starters, she has a tattoo of the Hello Kitty ribbon on her right wrist:

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And has an array of kitty cat ears which she wears on super special occasions! This is when she went full-on Hello Kitty when she visited Sanrio Puroland:

She even brought Hello Kitty to the Coachella desert!

And donned those ears while roaming around Tokyo.

ICYMI, she celebrated her 30th birthday with a Hello Kitty party. No surprise here!

If there’s one place in the world Max might consider her second home, it’s Japan!

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