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WATCH: The Music Video Of Pinay Singer Renee Dominique's Collab With Jason Mraz

It's totally dreamy and romantic!
by Steph Esguerra Olarte
June 15, 2019
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YouTube/Reneé Dominique
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In May, international artist Jason Mraz was in Manila for his "Good Vibes" tour. It was also around the time that Filipina singer Reneé Dominique shared the news that she would be collaborating with Jason for a song. Reneé also joined Jason in Singapore for the next leg of his tour.

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On June 13, Reneé uploaded the music video for her song with Jason, entitled "Could I Love You Any More."

The music video, filmed in Manila and Singapore, shows Jason and Renee jamming at a café. The video also shows footage from Jason's concerts in Asia. The song totally gives off feel-good, summery vibes.

Reneé gave thanks to Jason, whom she says she has developed a friendship with.

"A little taste of a beautiful friendship blossoming through music. I am forever grateful," she said.

Reneé was even interviewed by for the music video. She talks about how the song's not just about lovers, but also about celebrating different kinds of love for all kinds of relationships.

"Between parent and child, a man and wife, a couple on courtship, or someone yearning for a true friend,” Reneé told Billboard. “For me, it is a kickstart to an amazing friendship ahead with Jason."

Jason had a poetic way of describing their collaboration: 

“The journey of a song begins with a thought, in the mind or of the heart. Then it reaches the tip of a pen or the tip of the tongue. From there it’s expressed beyond paper, through instruments, into microphones, and on to stages, where it is received and held by audiences, stored in memories and cameras. The music video follows the journey of two songwriters seeing an idea through, from the flower of a thought to colorful fruition.”

Jason took to Twitter in May to share how happy he is to have worked with Reneé:

"Yay, it’s Reneé! This was a fun project, a passing of the baton to a new voice with a good vibe," he said.

Watch the "Could I Love You Any More" music video here:

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