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Here's How Nadine Lustre Pushes Past Her Limits To Achieve Greater Things In Her Career

She's way more than just an actress now.
February 12, 2020
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It’s not uncommon for celebs to stick to the trade that made them famous in the entertainment industry, so it’s pretty refreshing (and inspiring!) to meet someone who always aims for bigger things ahead—like Nadine Lustre. She shot to fame through acting, but throughout the years, the actress has pursued many different passions—and found success in them! We recently talked to the young star during the launch of Cream Silk’s Conditioned For Greater and Nadine openly shared some tips and insights on how she beats self-doubt to achieve even greater ambitions.

“Know that the universe has your back.”

While she may look confident and empowered, Nadine humbly admits that she still experiences moments of doubt. But what motivates the multi-faceted artist is imagining things that may seem impossible, and then working on making it happen.

“I’ve thought about achieving craziest things and, so far, most of them have already come true. Before, I would dream of having a magazine shoot abroad—somewhere really beautiful—and it’s happened. I dreamt of performing my music in a different country, and that happened as well.” Her personal mantra? “Just keep manifesting it. Trust the universe and trust that you can do it.”

“The challenges you’re going through are meant for you.”

Nadine believes that every roadblock she experiences is meant to help her know who she really is. “With what I’ve dealt with in the past couple of months, I sometimes wish I could just fast-forward to the point where I’d feel better. But I keep thinking to myself, ‘How is this going to help me grow?’ Those challenges are given to you because the universe thinks you can handle it.”

“The most impossible things can happen to you as long as you keep pushing yourself and doing your best.”

Her advice for women who want to do greater things is simple: “Just go for it. Things are not going to be easy. There’s always going to be a difficult challenge that you have to face. At the end of the day, it should all be worth it. You just have to keep pushing. There’s no way around it.”

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