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OMG! Dexie Diaz Wins The Mobile Legends Celebrity Exhibition Match In Liga Adarna

Her team scored their first kill at the two-minute mark.
May 19, 2021
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It only took 20 minutes for Filipino actress turned game streamer Dexie Diaz to take the win in an exhibition game of Mobile Legends against Team CHYSE. The special exhibition was a part of the Liga Adarna Season 3: Women Rising playoffs, which kicked off the day’s matches with the celebrity battle. 

Dexie picked support hero Angela, a character she has mastered, while her partner Izuna played as support/assassin character Mathilda. Meanwhile, CHYSE went with assassin/mage Selena, and her partner Joms Gaming went with fighter character Aldous.

Team Dexie hit the ground running by scoring first blood with a well-coordinated gank on Joms Gaming at the top lane right before the two-minute mark.

They continued to gain momentum from there by building up an insane killing spree with eight straight unanswered kills. Team Dexie engaged Joms Gaming in a number of two-on-one fights all over the map, showcasing fierce strategies.

Team CHYSE’s weak defense at their own towers and base, along with not being able to get through the first layer of Team Dexie’s towers, led to their defeat. Team Dexie was able to win the exhibition by destroying the other team’s core before the clock reached 20 minutes.

Liga Adarna Season 3: Women Rising, co-presented by Smart Communications, Inc. and Eplayment Entertainment, will be running until June 27, 2021. It showcases the prowess of the country’s top female eSports players in four different games: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Valorant, Call of Duty: Mobile, and League of Legends: Wild Rift, all for a total prize pool of P215,000. Avid gamers and esports enthusiasts can catch the games by watching streams on the Liga Adarna Facebook page.

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