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I Fangirled So Hard At The Park Bo Gum Fan Meet With My Husband

Our encounter with South Korea's boyfriend left us both in ~awe~!
by Ginyn Noble
June 24, 2019
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(PARK BO GUM) Courtesy of ABS-CBN, (INSET) Courtesy of Ginyn Noble
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June 22 was definitely a good day as the oppa with one of the most adorable smiles ever, Park Bo Gum, held his Good Day Asia Tour at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. So many fans anticipated this event, especially after it got postponed in April because of the earthquake threats in the country back then.

TBH, I wasn't planning on going due to ~practical~ reasons. My husband and I have a blessing on the way, and we're trying to build a decent baby fund. But every time there was a fan meet update or teaser, my heart broke a little.

Bo Gum starred in two K-dramas that my husband and I love dearly: Reply 1988 and Encounter. The latter one, especially, made us shout in excitement so many times because of Kim Jin Hyuk's sweep-you-off-your-feet bold character. I also saw Bo Gum as a guest on Running Man, in clips of Love In The Moonlight, and in hosting stints with other oppas like Song Joong Ki and BTS' V. With all these encounters, he never fails to make me smile, squeal inside because of his smile, fall for his innocent-looking face, and gush over his sweet words. (And, okay, I went crazy with how good he is at kissing scenes, OMG.)

In spite of my love for Bo Gum, I was content at being #TeamBahay and planned to appease my fangirling heart with the vids that would surely flood my feeds on the weekend of the fan meet. But lo and behold, the stars aligned for me to get a chance to meet Bo Gum and even bring my hubby along. He was just happy to support me… and see Anne Curtis, the host of the fan meet

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From the start (and until the very end of the show), Park Bo Gum kept making us smile.

Bo Gum opened his show with a song number and exclaimed that he was so happy and excited to spend a good day with his beloved fans. During the first segment, Anne asked him questions from his Filipino fans. When asked about his three-item bucket list before he turns 40, he said he wants to 1) get married and have kids, 2) study abroad, and 3) star in a foreign film.

Bo Gum was also game to answer interview questions and share bits about himself (like when he said he was also considerate like Jin Hyuk) while reacting to scenes and behind-the-scenes clips of Encounter. He also revealed that what keeps him busy these days is learning how to compose music (ICYDK, he's a Musical Theater grad). Bo Gum also teased us with Seo Bok, the upcoming movie he's currently working on alongside his Gong Yoo-sunbaenim. He even did his research on the show's emcee and said to the blushing Anne, "I heard you're a big fan of Gong Yoo."

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He was extremely generous to his Manila fans.

Like in many other fan meetings, Bo Gum reenacted K-drama scenes with three lucky fans. One of them got to split earphones with him (like in that Encounter scene in Cuba when Jin Hyuk met Cha Soo Hyun). Another got a scarf wrapped around her neck (in place of ear muffs). And the last fan got a modified back hug (because Bo Gum was such a gentleman).

He also made a Manila-themed fragrance diffuser on stage and gave it to another lucky raffle winner after signing the container and dedicating it to her. On top of that, he gave away precious merch and personal items to random audience members. Someone took home his limited edition light stick, an Apeach doll, calendars, shirts, posters, and even Polaroids he took during his travels! He also gave away 200 plastic heart balls with his autograph and the simple yet meaningful message, "God bless you." Not to mention, everyone got to take home a copy of a letter he wrote to fans. What. A. Sweetheart!

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He #blessed us with many, many performances.

TBH, we lost count of how many songs and dances he did—it was more like a concert and not just any ordinary actor fan meeting! Aside from his own songs, he performed a lot of covers, including Day6's "I Like You" and IU's ballad, "Through The Night." He got his groove on with upbeat songs like Cho Yong Pil's "Bounce" and JYP's "Honey." He even showed his rap skills with g.o.d's "One Candle" and PSY's "Entertainer."

He also learned to sing and play (on the piano) a song that he knew his Pinoy fans would love: Steven Curtis Chapman's "I Will Be Here," made popular in the Philippines by Gary Valenciano. He said that it is his message to his fans, and he even sang some of the lyrics as he was saying goodbye and the curtains were closing at the end of the show. And as a truly adorable human being with all the qualities we could ever hope for in someone we stan, Bo Gum sang the chorus of Daniel Padilla's "Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat." (At one point near the end of the show, he also did his trademark "Bombastic" dance after getting cheered on by the fans).

And when we thought his surprises were over, he went back for an encore performance and covered idol songs! He danced to TWICE's "What Is Love? "and Seventeen's "Pretty U," which he performed in other legs of the Good Day Asia Tour, too. And as the finale of that medley, he performed—for the first time ever—BTS' "Boy With Luv!" (As BTS stans clad in our freshly purchased BT21 x Uniqlo shirts like several other attendees in the fan meet, my hubby and I couldn't help but scream and sing during the performance!) After the performance, he said, "Tae-Tae taught me this," and revealed that he went all the way to Busan to learn the choreography from his close chingu!

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He ended the good day with a hi-touch event for everyone at the arena!

After the first segment, we knew that Bo Gum will start performing after his short break, but little did we know, he was going to sing his single "Let's Go See The Stars" WHILE GOING AROUND THE ARENA. We were so close to him, so I couldn't help but spazz out. Luckily, my hubby got to take a decent close-up photo of him when he passed by in front of us!

Throughout the show, my hubby and I both cheered, laughed, and screamed—that's how entertaining Park Bo Gum was. We felt like he gave it his all. We actually weren't expecting the hi-touch session to push through, especially since he went around the arena already and he must have been so tired after the three-hour show. But he worked so hard until the end and greeted each one of us as we exited the venue.

All I was able to tell him was, "God bless you." but my husband was able to shout, "I hope our baby looks like you!" He pointed at my belly to show Bo Gum that I was preggy, and the cutie pie was so shocked and said, "Omo! Thank you for coming!"

All we know is, it was the fan meet of a lifetime. And like many fans who attended, we are so thankful we got to be there. Park Bo Gum truly made us feel how he genuinely loves brightening up the days of his fans. May we all be blessed with more of his projects and future events like this soon!

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