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10 *Extraordinary* Facts About Park Eun Bin That Will Make You Love Her Even More

You have to see the bag she brings during filming!
by Hanna Tamondong
July 26, 2022
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Every now and then, I would watch a new K-drama and love every bit of it—the lead stars included. The series I'm currently *obsessed* with is Extraordinary Attorney Woo and I have to thank this healing show for introducing me to Park Eun Bin. It's the first I've watched from her impressive portfolio, and I can't wait to see more of this versatile queen! And because I'm a ~new~ Eun Bin fan, I scoured the internet to look for interesting facts about her that I'd like to share (because I know you love her, too. *wink*).

Here are 10 things you need to know about Park Eun Bin:

1. Her birthday is on September 4, 1992.

Which makes her a Virgo! Those under this sign are reliable, down-to-earth, and hardworking—traits that truly describe Eun Bin who has been acting since she was a child. She's also the type who gives sound advice. "I also like to listen to what others have to say, and my friends ask me for advice often. I started thinking that becoming a listener for someone is an important role in life," she said in an interview.


Virgos are also known for their sharp minds. In Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Eun Bin plays a rookie lawyer named Woo Young Woo (Whether you read it straight or flipped, her name is Woo Young Woo: Kayak, deed, rotator, noon, racecar, Woo Young Woo. IYKYK!) who has an impressive memory. According to the actress, she had to memorize a lot of lines for the drama and as we've seen in the episodes, she was able to do it so well.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo/ENA

2. Park Eun Bin made her debut as a child actress.

The entertainment industry first saw Eun Bin in the 1996 K-drama White Nights 3.98, led by Lee Jung Jae, Lee Byung HunChoi Min Soo, and Shim Eun Ha. She shared in an ep of My Ugly Duckling that she continued working after that stint and it was a bit hard to balance her studies and projects during that time. By 2012, Eun Bin snagged her first lead role in Operation Proposal.

3. She's under Namoo Actors. 

The agency was established in 2004 and describes itself as "a truthful friend, a reliable supporter, and trustworthy partner" of its many artists. Some of the celebrities they manage are Lee Joon Gi, Song Kangand Noh Jung Ui. Eun Bin is also labelmates with her Extraordinary Attorney Woo co-star Kang Ki Young!


Last year, she starred in a Chilsung Cider CF (commercial film) along with some celebs handled by Namoo Actors.

4. Park Eun Bin appeared in a number of K-pop music videos.

As a longtime BIGBANG fan, I was today-years-old when I found out that Eun Bin is the ~love interest~ of Taeyang in his "I'll Be There" MV! She was also featured in Taeyeon and The One's "Like A Star" music video, among others.

5. She has a knack for ~changing~ her speaking voice for her roles.

Apart from her detailed facial expression and gestures, the actress has a *distinct* speaking voice for the characters she portrays. Two perfect examples: Eun Bin as Crown Prince Lee Hwi in The King's Affection (she received a Baeksang Best Actress nomination for this!) and as Woo Young Woo in Extraordinary Attorney Woo. Get ready to be amazed when you watch these (don't click the play button if you haven't seen the latest episode of EAW yet!):

6. Park Eun Bin refused the casting offer for Extraordinary Attorney Woo multiple times.

ICYDK, she was offered the lead role for The King's Affection and Extraordinary Attorney Woo at the same time but Eun Bin accepted the former. It's because she was worried that her portrayal of Young Woo might hurt or offend others. "It's my first genius-type character, and Young Woo is on the autism spectrum. I think I thought about what is considered to be normal when taking on this role," Eun Bin shared in an interview with Allure Korea. Although she declined, the writer and director of the legal drama were so keen on having her in the series that they waited for almost a year for her to say accept the offer. Wow!


7. One of her favorite scenes in Extraordinary Attorney Woo is with Ha Yoon Kyung.

AKA our spring sunshine Choi Su Yeon! Netflix's The Swoon invited Eun Bin to answer 10 questions where she revealed that the scene with Yoon Kyung at Hanbada's cafeteria made her tear up the moment she read the script. We feel you, Eun Bin! Huhu.

8. She can play the violin.

Did you know that Eun Bin chose the drama Do You Like Brahms? because the main character, Chae Song Ah, is a violinist? During her childhood, she learned how to play the musical instrument and was even a member of a college orchestra! And so she looked forward to playing a violinist and it was a dream come true to finally be able to portray one. Eun Bin shared that she re-learned the violin (she practiced for three months!) specifically for Do You Like Brahms?. "At first, we tried a computer graphic (CG) test, but it was impossible to place it so close to the face. As soon as I learned that, my skills rapidly improved," she narrated.

9. She carries a backpack with wheels during filming.

Eun Bin is always prepared and she brings a lot of things for work (including ziplock bags), so a backpack is a must—make that a backpack with wheels attached to it. So cute! In this video, you'll also see her love for bunnies (which explains one of the emojis in her IG profile) and there's a ~special~ part where you'll witness how much she treasures her fans. 

10. Park Eun Bin has an Instagram account.

Go follow her @eunbining0904! Here, she uploads selfies, gifts from her supporters, behind-the-scenes pics, and her signature pose whenever she bids goodbye to her character in a drama or movie.



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