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5 Pinoys Who Prove That Funny Is The New Pogi

Empoy, a heartthrob?! YES.
by Candice Lim-Venturanza
August 03, 2017
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The sleeper hit Kita Kita is proof that funny is the new pogi. Who would've thought Empoy Marquez can be a leading man in a blockbuster flick? And as of press time, the Empoy-Alessandra de Rossi starrer has grossed over P200 million in the box office. TBH, nobody saw that coming.

To prove our point, we give you the men who you have to meet first before you swipe left. Who knows, he could be Mr. Right!

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1. Empoy Marquez

With a showbiz career spanning over a decade, comedian Empoy Marquez has never had top billing for a commercial film. It took a good role—that of a not-so-handsome guy courting a blind girl—to reinvent the comedian as an unconventional heartthrob. And what does he think about his new tag?

"Magre-ready po muna ako sa mga paratang na ganyan pero nakaka-overwhelm po 'yung ganyan na sinasabi nila," he says. [via Push]

2. Jerald Napoles

Jerald Napoles first captured hearts as Tolits—a sando-wearing boatman who wins the girl—in the musical Rak of Aegis. Showing off his six-pack abs for laughs paid off. These days, he is known as the resident comic of GMA's Sunday PinaSaya. He often joked that he and co-host Alden Richards can be mistaken for twins, so much so that fans started calling him "Alden," too. And on Father's Day, he even greeted Alden's dad, claiming he's the "bunso!"

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3. Christian Bables

This is Christian Bables. Yes, you've seen him before, but he didn't look this handsome. He was more of, well, beautiful—as Barbs, Paolo Ballesteros' happily gay best friend in Die Beautiful. He was so effective in his role that his own mother did not recognize him in the movie. For portraying the "bes" that would gladly get into a catfight with your boyfriend's kabit, he took home the Best Supporting Actor award in the most recent Gawad Urian. (In case you're wondering, Christian, who was recently seen in Finally Found Someone, is straight.)

4. Ramon Bautista

As Ramon Bautista would say, "Ngayong panahon ng mga hokage, pakboi, at mga galawang breezy... 'Yung natitirang katulad naming totoo magmahal, fini-friendzone, tito-zone, at wini-WiFi-zone mo lang…"

The comedian-writer-host-producer-teacher has been dishing out witty love advice for the sawi and has published two books about it. He has been regularly posting selfies with funny tips on how to ba an #IdealGuy on his Instagram.

5. Mikey Bustos

Prancing around and wearing colorful Speedos, Mikey Bustos' latest YouTube video, a "Despacito" parody, has over 5.5 million views and counting. The comic's funny vid was even featured in CP24 Breakfast, a Canadian morning show.

Based in Toronto, Mikey gained online fame by making humorous tutorial videos on Filipino customs and traditions. He's not only funny, but can serenade you as well. He's talented AF!

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