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5 Ways To Pose Naturally In Your Holiday Posts, As Seen On Gabbi Garcia's IG Feed

Take cues from Gabbi, who looks fresh and comfy in her pics!
November 28, 2018
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Have you got that smize down pat for all the holiday photos you're about to snap? If you're looking for a little Insta-inspo, you can turn to social media darling Gabbi Garcia, who knows a thing or two about preening it up in front of the camera. Take a look at some of her signature poses:

1. ~Werk~ your drink

A tall glass of something colorful in a dim, candle-lit setting makes for a festive and moody—not to mention, unique—portrait. Find your angle, lean into one hand, angle that arm right, and smile (or slightly pout) like your drink's giving you the right buzz.

2. Look back

This pose is natural, easy, and shows that awesome feeling of amazement when discovering a new spot. Let your arms fall naturally by your side with enough room for your body to breathe. Then, capture that faraway look and smile for that candidly captivated vibe.

3. Sit back and relax

Do this with a play of light and shadow on your face, and you'll have a double tap–worthy photo for your year-end musings and instrospection. Post a similar pic of you at ease and tag it with an inspiring message, like one on body positivity or like Gabbi's on the stirrings of the heart and soul. This pose requires looking comfy and confident—with all-good, non-pilit vibes all around—so make sure your mind is clear and your heart is happy.

4. Looking out

Make this your signature in-flight shot—looking out the window on your way home, chin on your fist, just wondering when and where your next adventure will be.

5. Hands up

Show how much fun you’re having on your vacation by throwing your hands up in the air! Leave your worries behind and embrace the carefree vibe of a well-deserved holiday. Works best against the awesome backdrop that is nature.

Of course, every girl needs to be self-assured to make these poses happen. In Gabbi's case, her comfy-cool, naturally confident vibe is thanks to the Rexona Natural Whitening Deodorant she swears by. It helps brighten her underarms and keeps them feeling cool and dry, helping her be more confident to strike any pose—no worries at all about dark underarms or sweat stains.

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