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Here's The Real Meaning Behind Sarah Geronimo's New Music Video

She released another empowering song with Sangobion.
July 13, 2021
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ICYMI, Sarah Geronimo just dropped her latest music video and we’re living for it! This is actually her third collab with multivitamin brand Sangobion. Previously, they worked together on songs like "Dugo'y Pagtibayin" and “Win Your Day.” While these tracks were catchy, the latest one, “Dugong Panalo”, belts a ~more~ uplifting message—something we all need these days. Here’s the *special* meaning behind Sarah G’s new MV:   

The lyrics and visuals are inspired by Filipino pride and resilience.

Right off the bat, the lyrics hint the challenges brought by the pandemic: “Kahit may paghihirap, isang bayan nating harapin ang ating bukas…Sama-sama, tulong-tulong / Lalaban sa sakit na hamon.” So yes, the song doesn’t hide the fact that we’re going through tough times. But it also encourages us to come together and to not give up. 

Further into the song, Sarah is accompanied by a choir to sing the lines: “Dugong Pinoy, dugong panalo.” Then we see a montage of Filipino frontliners from healthcare workers who tend to the sick, to delivery riders who help us accomplish our daily errands. The MV also salutes WFH employees who power through work-life balance and last but not the least, the everyday citizens who organize relief operations and help in any way they can. Altogether, this video is a much-needed reminder that we can weather any storm as long as we’re united and have a #PusongPinoyPanalo mindset! 

The music video also encourages everyone to take care of their health. 

In order to remain strong and resilient, we must also learn to prioritize our health! “Dugong Panalo” promotes the importance of having *healthy* blood so we can continue helping our nation. The lyrics “Haharapin ang bagong umaga / Kakayanin hilo, pagod, o putla” indicate how we should keep tabs on our blood health. We need to have sufficient iron in our blood, and one way to do it is to complement a healthy lifestyle with Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON +). Learn more about it by watching Sarah Geronimo’s “Dugong Panalo” music video below:  

Multivitamins + Minerals (Sangobion IRON) is an iron supplement packed with vitamins and minerals that help replenish iron supply, help increase red blood cell levels in the body, and help fight iron deficiency anemia. Aside from taking this multivitamin, remember to observe healthy lifestyle habits like eating nutritious meals, practicing regular exercise, and getting proper sleep. Best to consult your doctor if you need more help with your blood health. 

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If symptoms persist, consult your doctor. 


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