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Omo! You Can Actually Rent BTS’ In The Soop House On Airbnb For Only P389 Overnight

BRB, we’re packing our bags!
by Yssa Cardona
July 27, 2022
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You guys, BTS’ In The Soop house will officially be on Airbnb! This means that you can rent the estate to rest and recharge the ~*Bangtan*~ way.


The luxurious home, featured on IN THE SOOP BTS ver. Season 2, is located in South Korea’s PyeongChang region, which is famed for its lush greeneries and forests. Two *lucky* guests will get the opportunity to spend a night in the villa and experience a getaway like no other!


Just like what our fave K-Pop boys did during the show, you can also relax by the pool like Jin or read books like RM. If you’re as talented as SUGA on the guitar, you can use the musical instruments available in the estate too! The same furniture and amenities we’ve seen on the show will be used during the actual stay.


An overnight stay at the villa only costs $7 or approximately P389, which you and your plus-one can book on August 2 at 10:00 AM PHT via the Airbnb website. Do note, however, that guests will be responsible for their flights to and from Seoul. But don’t worry, roundtrip car transportation to the estate will be provided!

Are you ready for the *best* vacation ever?

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