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Richard Gutierrez Gave Sarah Lahbati The Sweetest Surprise On Her Premiere Night

Where can we get our own Richard?!
by Jacinda A. Lopez
June 21, 2017
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June 19 was a big night for power couple Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati. Both of them had big showbiz milestones that night: It was the premiere of Sarah's new horror flick Ang Pagsanib Kay Leah Dela Cruz, and the airing of the pilot episode of Richard's much-awaited debut on the ABS-CBN supernatural series, La Luna Sangre.

Naturally, making time to support each other’s projects was definitely a challenge.

Sarah went solo on the red carpet for her movie premiere at Robinson's Galleria, and shared with the press that Richard had a small gathering at home to watch his new show. "Sabi ko nga kanina kung ba't wala dito si Richard, sabi ko nanonood siya with the entire family. Nag-order sila ng food, nag-prepare sila ng party sa bahay, tapos magka-text pa kami. Tapos na siya. I'm so happy." [via]

Little did she know that her partner actually had something planned! Carrying a huge bouquet of flowers, Richard made his way to Sarah while she was speaking to the press. And judging by Sarah's high-pitched "OH MY GOD," the surprise was obviously a success!

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Richard also gave Sarah a sweet letter, saying:

"Congratulations on your big night! On our big night. But did you really think I would miss your premiere night? No way! I love you so much. Surprise! Got you!"

Stay in love, you guys. <3

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