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We Are Loving Sofia Andres' Super Sweet Moments With BF Daniel Miranda

These two are so cute together!
by Lily Grace Tabanera
February 04, 2019
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Kapamilya actress (and the kween of low-key posingSofia Andres is happily dating race car driver Daniel Miranda from Cebu! Here's one of their first photos together on Instagram, which was posted on October 29, 2018: 

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ICYMI, Daniel (or Dan, as Sofia calls him) has been racing for around seven years now, and he's even been able to compete internationally.

The pair have been busy posting snaps on social media and we are honestly loving it! Here are some of the couple's cutest IG moments so far: 

1. When they take the most perfect photos of each other: 

Who wouldn't want an Instagram boyfriend like Dan, right? 

2. When Sofia got real about finally being comfy with PDA:  

The actress posted a photo with Daniel on IG and captioned it with, "Before, I used to feel so awkward when I see couples just sitting down in the corner, holding hands, girls resting [their] head on their boyfriend's shoulder, and all the sweet gestures. Now, I feel like it's just really normal and it feels amazing to be with someone you're really comfortable with, no matter what. Even like when you're just sitting down staring at each other and especially eating ice cream." 

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3. Whenever they wear matching outfits: 

4. When they performed this magic trick together: 

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5. When they do *clingy* AF poses:

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