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What do you usually love doing on weekends, aside from sleeping? Is it binge-watching TV series? If you’re looking for something light and enjoyable to watch, here’s our reco that never fails: The Return of Superman. (It's available on Viu and YouTube!)

ICYDK, the South Korean reality-variety show has been running for more than seven years, and it gives a glimpse of how celebrity dads take care of their children without their wives (who are given their much-deserved time off)and yes, that’s kinda tough, especially if you’re new to this kind of setting. From time to time, there are celebrity guests—we're talking A-listers and even K-pop idols!—that babysit and make the entire show even more fun, but the star will always be the kids who bring so much happiness to both the parents and viewers.

We know how much you love the show’s former bundles of joy, now here’s the adorable new cast of the TROS kids that you should binge-watch this weekend:

1. William and Bentley Hammington

So much brotherly love for these two! Will and Ben don't disappoint in making everyone laugh with their hilarious antics, and warms our hearts every time they make up with each other after a ~mini~ fight. Seriously, “Hyung, mianhae (I’m sorry, big brother) makes us soft all the time.

Will’s just like his comedian father, Sam Hammington, who’s full of tricks up his sleeve. When it gets too much sometimes, appa Sam is always ready to teach him a lesson or two.

Ben, on the other hand, is the ultimate food lover (even when he was just an infant!). I mean, just look at this:

The inseparable duo is super loved by their fans, that they even had their very own subway advertisement! K-Pop superstars like Red Velvet and Sandara Park also adore the brothers, and BTSV even admitted that he watches them.

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2. Kang Hao

This smart toddler is definitely a new kid to watch out for! Hao is the son of legendary rapper and TV celebrity, Gary, or Kang Hee Gun, who was part of the variety show Running Man for almost seven years. Gary took a break prior to his family’s stint in The Return of Superman.

At a young age, Hao seems to already take after his dad’s musical skills, and has started playing the guitar. We can’t wait to see more of him doing what he loves in the next episodes!

And did we mention Hao’s street style OOTDs? Swag!

Last month, this little boy entered kindergarten which made his dad nervous, just like any other parent on their child’s first day in school.

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3. Rawon and Raim

We’re telling you, these adorable sisters are too cute that we just want to hug them all day! Rawon and Raim are the daughters of South Korean singer Hong Kyung Min.

Here’s a lovely video of the Ra-Ra sisters visiting their appa during work:

And completely smitten by NU’EST’s Minhyun and Ren. Same, sis. Same.

Also, will you look at this adorable clip of them preparing for their passport!

4. Yeon Woo and Ha Young

Announcer Do Kyung Wan and trot singer Jang Yoon Jung welcomed Yeon Woo in 2014, and came back to the show last December with their daughter, Ha Young.

BTS fans, say hello to this little ARMY! Yeon Woo has been professing his love for the group for quite some time now.

He even went to Jimin’s fave snackbar in Busan with his dad and sister:

And thanked BTS for helping him realize his dream (while copying his dad’s old speech along with his mom). Sweet!

5. Park Na Eun and Park Gun Hoo

The internet-famous kids of football player Park Joo Ho and their mom, Anna Park, have been blessing our eyes with so much cute content for almost two years now! Also called by their English names Eden and Aciel, the Park sibs are definitely fan favorites. Btw, Gun Hoo is now a kuya after Anna gave birth to their third child in January this year, and took a break from the show.

They’re just too adorbs that we can’t help but smile as we scroll their mom’s IG feed!

We’re excited about your comeback soon, bbs! For now, let’s admire this video of Na Eun teaching Gun Hoo how to speak in Korean.

6. JamJam

The bubbly JamJam may have already left the show last month, but that doesn’t mean we can’t binge-watch her energetic videos! Born Moon Hee Yul, JamJam is the daughter of Moon Hee Jun from the legendary K-Pop group, H.O.T, and Soyul of Crayon Pop, best known for their iconic song, “Bar Bar Bar”.

In this video, JamJam met some of the members of the self-producing K-Pop group, SEVENTEEN, whom she calls her samcheons (or uncles). (Fun fact: the 13-member K-Pop group released a song in 2015  with the title…wait for it…Jam Jam! If this isn’t destiny, we don’t know what is.)

And who can forget this moment when JamJam showed her natural charm at the daycare center? Lol when she threw that doll resembling her dad!

We hope you enjoy the weekend watching these cuties, Cosmo girls!

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