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Toni Gonzaga On Marriage: 'You fight for it'

'Marriage is managing time, managing finances, managing the household…everything.'
November 14, 2018
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Toni Gonzaga shares musings on marriage in a recent interview with TV host Boy Abunda. She admits, "Ngayon ko na-realize that marriage is managing time, managing finances, managing the household…everything… [including] dreams, opinions, perception, tone of voice…" She has a strong opinion about staying married: "You fight to be together. You fight talaga. You fight for it."

When asked whether she is a faithful wife to acclaimed director Paul Soriano, Toni confidently replies, "It's so easy to be faithful there's no reason to look the other way. I'm so occupied with Seve… I'm so occupied with building my family…"

As for her husband of three years? "Paul! He is loyal," Toni assures.

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Toni is known to have a high threshold for pain. How about in terms of heartaches? "I allow room for mistakes. I have allowance for mistakes. Sabi din ng Mommy [Pinty] ko, don't be too hard on your husband. Learn how to love your husband, not just during the best of times, but during the worst also."

Toni shares she needed to be more outspoken in her relationship to avoid getting hurt. She was mostly an observer or a listener at the start but clamming up only caused more hurt. How does she communicate her feelings when it comes to sex with her husband? "Walang communication, I think we've reached a point sa marriage naming na parang instinct na lang, body language na lang siguro. 'Wag na magkasalitaan, magpakiramdaman na lang."

Looking at her life now as a mother to Seve and as a celebrity wife to a sought-after director, Toni knows that she deserves a complete family. After all the hard work she put, she wants to see her family stay intactor fight to remain whole—just as how her own parents fought to keep their marriage together.

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