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The Trailer For Nadine Lustre + Carlo Aquino's Movie 'Ulan' Is Here And It Has A Creepy Vibe

It shows tikbalangs.
by Stephanie Shi
February 09, 2019
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Yesterday, Viva Entertainment released the full trailer of Ulan, the upcoming movie of Nadine Lustre and Carlo Aquino. The three-minute trailer is split into two parts, with the first looking a bit creepy. Check it out: 

What makes this film (or trailer) different from other romantic movies is that it features mythical or fantastic elements: Humpty Dumpty-like characters, tikbalangs, and a scorned, weeping creature. All these seem to be around Nadine’s character Maya when it rains. And who can ignore the chilling music?

The second part of the trailer shows Carlo Aquino’s character adding warmth and light—aka, sunshine—into Maya’s life. But the scene ends with Maya happily gazing at a wedding cake, with a voice-over foreboding, “Balang araw, masasaktan ka, Maya.” 

The trailer doesn’t seem to reveal what’s really going on in the story, so it’s hard to say what kind of movie it is. Meanwhile, Twitter is erupting with hype over the production.

Ulan, directed by Irene Villamore (also the director of Sid & Aya: Not a Love Story), will hit theaters on March 13.

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