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The Teaser Trailer to Cristine Reyes And Xian Lim's Movie 'Untrue' Is Here, And It's Creepy AF

We are legit intrigued.
by Steph Esguerra Olarte
June 01, 2019
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YouTube/Viva Ent
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We first heard of Cristine Reyes and Xian Lim's first ever movie collaboration, entitled Untrue, in February, when Cristine not only chopped her long locks but also had it dyed red. The shaved haircut was totally badass.

Cristine shortly thereafter started posting photos on Instagram geotagged in Tbilisi, Georgia, a country between Russia and Turkey.

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Today, Viva Films officially released the teaser trailer, and we are getting goosebumps. The movie, which feels like a psychological drama thriller.

We first catch a glimpse of Cristine's character, Mara, whose face is bruised. The sequence flips back and forth between how they meet and get married, to losing each other and getting violent during their arguments. At some point, Xian's character, Joaquim, refers to a woman in a basement. Could it be a corpse? Could he have killed this mysterious woman? We are legit intrigued.

Here's the teaser trailer so you can judge for yourself:

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