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WATCH: No Amount Of Endorphins From Working Out Can Cure Hurtful Words

Especially if they come from your beloved sister.
April 21, 2016
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How far are you willing to go to win? That's the question hanging between Lily and Margot as their New Year's bet reaches its final leg. If you've been following Nike's mini-series, Margot vs Lily, then you know how intense things have turned out between the two—personal lines were crossed, and no amount of running or happy hormone-producing exercise seemed to counter the bitterness.
Margot and Lily are putting their sisterhood on the line, and we only have one episode left before we see how this hullaballoo plays out. We're sure that you'll be on the edge of your seats for episode 8!

Missed episode 7? No problem, just click here! And if you want to catch Margot vs Lily on TV, tune in to ABS-CBN Sports & Action on April 23, 3:40PM onwards (replay on April 24, 3:40PM onwards). 
As always, Margot and Lily are rocking some pretty awesome threads. Saw an inspiration for your next workout #OOTD? Click here!

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