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WATCH: Running Away From Your Problems Really Isn't Good For You

Unless you face them, they'll eventually catch up on you
March 04, 2016
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You hear it from friends, family, even total strangers who want to make their opinion heard—running away from, or totally ignoring, your problems is no good. It's sound advice, even though the people who dish it, God bless them, sometimes sound like broken records.

In this episode of Nike's ongoing web series Margot vs Lily, Lily joins her regular running group—and still can't make friends. What happens to her on the bus ride home is something you won't want to miss! Meanwhile, Margot continues to discover how frustrating vlogging is, while hilariously trying to figure out why exercise even exists.

The competition between the two sisters is starting to get stiff, so tune in to your favorite local and cable TV channels to keep updated! Catch it on MYX on Saturday, March 5, at 7:55 pm (replay on Sunday, March 6, at 1:55pm,) and on ABS-CBN Sports & Action, also on Saturday, March 5, at 1:50pm (replay on Sunday, March 6, at 1:50pm.)

Margot and Lily rock some really stylish workout threads, too, so if you want to cop some of them for yourself, click here.

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