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WATCH: Things Get Awkward As These Sisters Step Out Of Their Comfort Zones

It's like watching a train wreck—horrible, but you just can't take your eyes off it!
February 11, 2016
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More often than not, trying something different for the first time will result in some inevitable awkwardness. Try to recall the last time you tried to do something outside of your comfort zone. Maybe when you had to do a silly dance in front of the class? Or your first attempt at riding a surfboard? As the memories start to come back, it's highly likely you'll find yourself laughing and cringing at the same time. But that's how things are, right? You won't learn just how good (or terrible, and that's fine) you are at something unless you try.

In this episode of of Nike's Margot vs Lily web series, the fire of competition is stoked as the two girls try to outdo one another in the other's specialty. Margot gives exercise a shot, while Lily takes a crack at making friends. It's cringe-worthy, awkward to the max, and relatable as you'd expect it to be. 

Who have you got to win it all? Catch this episode on MYX on Feb. 13, Saturday 7:55pm and Feb. 14, Sunday 1:55pm (replay) and ABS-CBN Sports & Action also on Feb. 13, Saturday, 1:50pm and Feb. 14, Sunday 1:50pm (replay)

If you missed Episode 1 of Margot vs Lily, that's ok! You can still watch it here!  

Digging Margot and Lily's fly threads? Click here to score your own!

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