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WATCH: When Mom And Dad Step In During A Fight, You Know It's Gotten Pretty Bad

Keep an eye out for a special cameo in this episode!
April 21, 2016
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You know things have gotten out of hand when the 'rents get involved with your personal problems. They're naturally looking out for you, of course, but it's still weird when they intervene (what are we, 12 years old?!). And when the problem is between you and your sibling, like it is between Margot and Lily, things are bound to get complicated.

In the latest installment of Nike's web series, Margot vs Lily, the girls' parents try to diffuse some of the tension that's been brewing between the two sisters via a unique approach. There's some cooking involved, some sum work, and a lot of bonding. Things are looking pretty good, actually!

Do their parents succeed in their self-appointed task, or do they make the rift between Margot and Lily even greater? Watch the episode below and see how all the drama unfolds!

Missed episode 6? No problem! Click here to watch it. And If you want to catch this episode on TV, just tune in to ABS-CBN Sports & Action on April 23, 3:40PM onwards (replay on April 24, 3:40PM onwards). 

Margot and Lily rocked some seriously cool workout threads in this episode. Want some of these in your closet? Just click here!

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