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Why Gigi De Lana Is The New Cosmo Girl We Can’t Stop Gushing Over

Get to know more about the multi-faceted artist behind the viral “Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita” video.
November 11, 2021
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When we sat down for a quick video call with Gigi De Lana, we knew right away that she’s a Cosmo girl—one we’d add to our list of must-follow celebs! Decked out in a stylish red top and flawless, bouncy curls, she had an easygoing personality that revealed her as laid-back and down-to-earth.

Gigi’s bubbly persona makes her hair-raisingly powerful vocal range all the more a surprise, one at full display in her “Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita” cover that has gone viral online. ICYMI, you can watch the video here.

In our call, Gigi excitedly discussed her journey as an artist while talking about her interests, passions, and current projects she has lined up. Below, we rounded up some deets about her that will make you gush over the 26-year-old singer-actress more:

She has an inspiring success story
Gigi, like how stars would start out, has had her fair share of defeats en route to today’s wins and success. From auditioning for X-Factor and The Voice, neither of which she passed, to competing in “Tawag ng Tanghalan” (TNT) on It’s Showtime, she has worked her way up by not giving up on her dreams.

Gigi shared how before her stint in TNT, she and her band GG Vibes used to sing at weddings and—get this—funerals. When the pandemic hit in 2020 and despite its drastic effect on the entertainment industry, this didn’t stop Gigi and her band in their pursuit to share their music to the world. They created the Gigi De Lana and the Gigi Vibes Youtube channel and Facebook page where they produced videos and online shows for their fans.

Fast forward to mid-2021 when, during a regular livestream, Gigi’s bandmates Jon Cruz (musical director, keys), Jake Manalo (bass), LA Arquero (guitars), and Romeo Marquez (drums) played a prank on her by making surprise key changes in Roselle Nava’s “Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita.” Gigi happily accepted the challenge, belting at the top of her lungs to reach the craziest notes even with not enough preparation! The result: Gigi’s cover going viral, amassing 16 million views on Facebook, and 4.5 million on YouTube as of writing. This would pave the way for her and her band to more projects and collaborations.

She can be quirky and weird—you'll be surprised how she’s like most of us too!
How does Gigi’s normal day at work look like? “Start sa work, interviews, practice, rehearse. Kapag may time for myself, usually sleep isisingit ko then back to work again,” she told Cosmo.PH exclusively.

“Downtime for me happens rarely ever since we started GG Vibes. I’m so busy with YouTube content, livestreams, vlogs, rehearsals, self-practice, workshops, and music-listening exercises,” she added.

Focused and dedicated as she is at work, she still knows how to have fun. Like anyone of us, she cooks, watches Netflix, and even collects miniatures. She likes to keep the inner child in her alive by watching Disney films and Mr. Bean—and, yes, playing with slime. (who would’ve thought, right?)

She’s the new leading lady of Gerald Anderson!
If you’ve been following Gigi (or just about any entertainment page!) online, then you might have already heard about her upcoming rom-com series on iQiyi with Cosmo Bachelor Gerald Anderson, Hello Heart. Gigi’s debut acting work and her first-time pairing with the showbiz hunk have gotten everyone pretty much excited—including us!

She has an interesting take on the Pinoy slang ‘Sakalam’
Remember all the *~feels~* you’ve felt listening to her cover of that ‘90s OPM hit? Get ready to feel those again when you hear her first single, the ABS-CBN Music- produced “Sakalam.” Fans already labeled it as the new anthem for the brokenhearted, FYI. We know that the slang means ‘malakas’ or ‘strong,’ but Gigi has, in a way, redefined the term by making it her own (with its emotional lyrics and Gigi’s vocal prowess combined!)

Watch the music video here.

She continues to give back to her fans through music
We could say Gigi is a true Cosmo girl—armed with beauty, talent, and a heart to inspire. On the latter, she is always one to think of giving back to fans through her art. Among which are her first YouTube Music Night digital concert, which will be held before the year ends, and her part in the biggest Filipino music festival being toured around the world, 1MX (One Music X) Dubai, which her fans in the UAE can catch on December 3.

She’s the new face of PLDT Home
A young lady exploding with talent and authenticity? No wonder Gigi just became PLDT Home’s newest face!

“I’m very happy, [and] my mom is also happy,” Gigi expressed during the brand’s media event. She mentioned how she’s been elated to fulfill her mom’s dreams for her – to be successful in the music industry.

According to her, she can’t wait for the rewarding journey ahead with PLDT Home, and for her fans to stay tuned for the rewards that are in store for them, too.

“PLDT Home helped me connect with my fans online and grow my audience,” she said. “[Apart from having] a fast connection for my online live streaming, [there’s now a] meaningful connection sa mga supporters—hindi lang siya one-way [communication], two-way na!”
“As a PLDT Home subscriber myself, ever since we started livestreaming, PLDT Home has never let us down,” she added.

Gigi also talked about PLDT Home’s grand giveaway for subscribers like her. PLDT Home customers can get a chance to win gadgets, P50,000 cash weekly, and P1.5 million worth of SM Gift Cards at the PLDT Home Rewards Grand Giveaway running this November.

Also up for grabs as part of PLDT Home's major prizes are two (2) Watch-at-Home bundles, two (2) Sony PlayStation® 5 Game-at-Home bundles, and two (2) Crate & Barrel makeovers worth Php 500,000 each. And the best part is, one lucky PLDT Home subscriber will get to take home a whopping P5 million in cash at the grand draw on December 8!

New and loyal members of the PLDT Home Rewards program like Gigi can join the Grand Giveaway. They can score one raffle entry for every five (5) crystals earned. Enrolled subscribers can obtain crystals by paying PLDT bills on time and in full, applying for paperless billing, using digital payments, and availing other PLDT services.

To know more about the PLDT Home Rewards, visit this link.

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