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Judy Ann Santos Paused Making Content For Her Cooking Vlog Because Of Rising Prices Everywhere

'Ayokong hindi maka-relate yung viewers sa kung anumang lutuin ang gagawin ko kasi parang napaka-unfair naman.'
by Maria Gonzales
July 08, 2022
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Judy Ann Santos recently talked about why she paused from creating new content for her cooking vlog, Judy Ann's Kitchen.

In the July 4, 2022, episode of Magandang Buhay where Judy Ann was a guest host, the actress was asked by co-host Melai Canteveros why there are no new uploads in her vlog as her last episode came out several months ago on January 29, 2022.

Judy Ann, who was in between preparing a Tinapa rolls recipe, shared, "Hindi naman sobrang busy. Ang hirap kasing mag-isip ng mga episodes, especially yung pagtaas ng presyo ng bilihin ay napakalala. Ayokong hindi maka-relate yung viewers sa kung anumang lutuin ang gagawin ko kasi parang napaka-unfair naman."

With the rising prices of commodities, Judy Ann shared that she's finding the right timing. "Ayoko lang na parang masabihan ako na, 'Luto ka ng luto, ''di naman namin magagawa 'yan.'"

The actress shared that she only makes a vlog episode when she's "inspired" and added that vlogging is her outlet. 

Judy Ann added, "Ayoko siyang tratuhing trabaho. Kapag trinato ko siyang trabaho, mawawala yung authenticity."

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Judy Ann previously shared how her vlog came to life, and apparently, she didn't have plans to make it a big thing. She said, "It was really more of having fun and inspiring people and telling people that it's okay to make mistakes when you cook… I'd been watching cooking shows and parang feeling ko, ang perfect naman nang ginagawa nila na ako na marunobng magluto, nawawalan ako ng lakas ng loob to try cooking 'cause all these chefs are so perfect."

Watch Judy Ann cook her Tinapa rolls recipe here:


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