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5 Wooga Squad Moments That Make Us Go 'Aww!' All The Time

We can't wait for 'In The SOOP: Friendcation'!
by Christian Robert Roxas
July 17, 2022
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Like what they often say, friends are siblings from another parent. We may not be blood-related but the connection is just as special. Whether you belong to a small group or a large circle, what matters most is to be able to feel that friendship is one of the *best* things we could ever have.

Speaking of friendships, it's impossible not to hear about the Wooga Squad if you're a Hallyu fan. The group is composed of Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Shik, Park Hyung Sik, BTS' V, and Peakboynames that need no introduction as they are widely known in the K-pop and K-drama industry. They became close when Seo Joon starred in Hwarang alongside V and Hyung Sik, and he eventually introduced them to his two other friends, Woo Shik and Peakboy.


The boys are obviously standouts in visuals and talent. Not only that, they also have their own charms that make them more adorable to watch most especially when they are together! Over the years, we have seen how they expressed their love and support to each other from posting IG photos, promoting their projects, sending coffee trucks, and spending quality time together. 

Let's take a look at some of the most unforgettable Wooga Squad moments:

1. When they spent the holidays together.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Just when we thought that it couldn't get any better, the Wooga Squad gave us a generous gift during the holiday season in 2019. Seo Joon uploaded a photo of him facing a Christmas tree together with V, Peakboy, and Woo Shik. The four of them are standing next to each other and are full of affection as seen in their smiles. Hyung Sik may not be in the photo since he enlisted in the military during that time but in our hearts, we see five out of five. The fact that they were together at such a special time is a testament as to how they truly value their friendship.


2. When they edited Hyung Sik in a pic.

We can all relate to this one! Being in a group of friends comes with the challenge of not being complete all the time and how do we fix that? Through ~*photo-editing skills*~! The Wooga Squad is no exception to this cute act when the group's maknae, V, tweeted photos of their vacation together using BTS' Twitter account. The first pic particularly captured our attention because they edited Hyung Sik on it. We get it: They were probably missing their brother a lot during their trip. Aww!


3. When they appeared in Peakboy's MV.

Count on the squad to show their support the best way they can! In 2021, Peakboy released his song "Gyopo Hairstyle" and dropped the music video with hilarious cameos of his four Wooga brothers. Although they were not seen in one frame, each of them had specific roles that left us amused. The track was composed and written by Peakboy himself and its message is all about pursuing what you desire before worrying about what others say. All of his hard work didn't go to waste with the successful release of the song plus the amount of love showered to him by his friends.

4. When they were present during Woo Shik's online fan meeting.

By this time, we already know the main love language of the Wooga Squad: It's showing their support for their friends' projects and making time for each other! They demonstrated that once again when they made a special appearance on Woo Shik's A Midsummer Night's Dream online fan meeting for his 10th year anniversary in the industry back in July 2021. It became extra special because his trusted friends arrived with cake and flowers. It was also a huge treat to the fans as the five of them interacted by answering some questions via chat. Woo Shik expressed his gratitude to his friends for coming despite their busy schedules.

5. Their special appearance in In The SOOP.

If there's one word to describe In The SOOP, that would be *healing.* It's a show that allows Korean celebs to relax on a vacation away from their tight schedules. So far, ARMYs and Carats are the two fandoms who experienced it as both BTS and SEVENTEEN already appeared on the show's different installments. Now, fans of the Wooga Squad are up for a treat because a four-episode series featuring the boys will premiere on July 22 and will be televised via JTBC, Hotstar, and Disney+! We can no longer hide our excitement as this will be another chance for us to see more of their friendship. The first teaser was released last July 8 on the show's official YouTube channel and it has everything that we all wanted to see.


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