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Xavi Panlilio And Dani Barretto Shared The Reasons Behind The Timing Of Their Pregnancy Announcement

'We're happy, I'm happy, and at the end of the day, that's all that matters.'
by Steph Esguerra Olarte
June 14, 2019
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(LEFT) Instagram/xavipanlilio; (RIGHT) YouTube/Dani Barretto
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Xavi Panlilio and Dani Barretto are glowing with happiness and excitement after making the big announcement about expecting their first child.

On Independence Day, the newlyweds took to Instagram to share their glammed up selves showing off Dani's baby bump.

Today, Dani posted a lengthy video on her YouTube channel to talk about the reasons they chose to put off announcing the pregnancy until now. 

The couple clarified that they did not make the announcement out of feeling obliged or required, or as a way of defending themselves to anyone. "We wanted to make some things right before we would say [it], we would announce it," said Dani. 

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Dani shared that she initially wanted to keep the news a secret because she wanted to enjoy the pregnancy first, also to avoid possible negative consequences. "Once it's out, wala na e. Ang dami nang taong mangingialam, marami nang taong may sasabihin kahit hindi naman kailangan, even if they don't know anything. At the end of the day, you're not doing this to please anyone."

"I'm doing this just to share it, just to get it out there, and you know, just release the load off my shoulders and his," Dani added.

"I don't want the time comes na there' s another person that's going to get affected and that other person is the last person I want to get affected. Alam mo ['yon]. That is the reason why we've kept this for a while, and we wanted to be sure first that we could actually say it."

Dani also said that by sharing the news, she would "release the fear" in her heart. "I want to be able to share it without being scared of what people are going to say, because at the end of the day, bakit ako matatakot sa isang bagay na masaya ako about?"

Another important reason they chose to announce the pregnancy at this time was because they wanted to be sure first that the baby was safe.

Xavi and Dani intentionally disabled the comments on the video, because they want their child to be able to watch the video and see how happy they are, without seeing "negative, hurtful comments."

After Xavi finally announced in the video the news of them being expectant parents, the two shared how happy they are and how thankful they are for the love and support of family and friends. They're so excited about the baby they're already thinking about baby clothes, what school the baby will go to, and where they'll be going on family vacations! Aww.

"It's honestly a dream come true for me because I've been wanting this so bad and I think the heavens heard my prayer," Dani shared. "We've been so blessed and I just cannot contain the happiness that I feel."

Congrats, Xavi and Dani!

Watch Dani and Xavi's YouTube announcement here:

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