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Yassi Pressman’s ‘Sa Wakas’ Is Out, Listen If You Feel You’ve Met ‘The One’

Are you in love—or want to be? This song is for you.
by Zo Aguila
February 22, 2019
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Yassi Pressman’s new song “Sa Wakas” came out on music platforms today. The all-around artist shared the news on her ’Gram, so we tapped open our apps to give it a listen. 

So, here’s the verdict form our end: We think it’s the song you listen to when there are butterflies in your stomach, when you’re heart’s skipping a beat, or when you’re hearing violins play. Get the picture? In short, “Sa Wakas”  is the song that pretty much sums up how you feel when you think you could possibly be dating “The One.”

With lyrics like, “Ikaw lang pala, sa’yo lang pala mahahanap ang lunas. Wala nang iba. Heto na pala ang pangarap kong bukas.” Then, add more intense lines like: “Sang-ayon ang mga butuin sa langit. Pati ang duda at ang mga bakit...hindi na ’to kunwari, ikaw nga ay akin.” Wow. That’s pretty intense. We want that kind of love.

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Okay, fine. Listen to it, too, when you want to channel that lovin’ feeling. They do say that you can manifest your heart’s desires by using all the senses when you visualize—audio included. So here, internalize Yassi’s latest song and tell us what you think:


We can imagine this song playing on tribute shorts for monthsaries, as background to pre-nup shots, or even as a soundtrack for wedding videos. It has that right catch of beat—neither speeding along nor extremely slow, but packed withe melodic feeling.

The video of “Sa Wakas” is set to come out tomorrow, February 23, at 6 p.m., and we’re excited to see how it plays out. Yassi’s always been known for her endearing charm and the comfortable way she moves (she’s a superb dancer after all!), so we feel like the video will be dynamically and tearjerkingly fab. Stay tuned! 

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