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4 Things That Are Ruining Your Teeth

Hint: You might be guilty of these. Every. Single. Day.
January 25, 2016
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What’s the use of a perfect beauty routine, when you can’t show it off with a bright, beautiful smile? Take note of these four bad habits that lead to bad teeth, and avoid them as much as you can:

1. You’re addicted to caffeine.

Can’t live without coffee or tea? Can’t remove sodas (yes, they contain caffeine!) in your diet? We know—it’s hard to kick caffeine addiction! So one thing you could do to help ward off their teeth-staining effects is to drink them with a straw. But if you can, limit your intake, and just chug down plain ol’ water all day (it would help you get clearer skin, too!)

2. You’re snacking often and on the wrong things.

Potato chips, hard candy, and other sweets—the starch or sugar content of these food make you prone to cavities, which can be the reason behind yellowish teeth. Instead of these snacks, munch on healthier alternatives like veggies, unsalted nuts, or high-fiber fruits like apples and strawberries, which have less sugar (and less calories!)

3. Your body doesn’t get enough calcium.

Some studies suggest that coffee and other acidic drinks prevent calcium absorption in the body, and since calcium is essential for bone and teeth health, not getting enough weakens your teeth and makes it prone to stains, sensitivity, and other dental damage. Counteract the deficit by drinking more milk, eating calcium-rich food like cheese, and taking your vitamins.

4. You’re lazy when it comes to brushing your teeth.

It's 2am, and you're super tired from a full night of partying. "Maybe I'll remove my makeup, and skip brushing my teeth...” Guilty? GIRL! You’re not only letting your breath reek—you’re letting those cavity and stain culprits work overnight, too! Don't be lazy when it comes to taking care of those pearly whites!

That includes picking the right toothpaste, and one you definitely must try is Close Up Diamond Attraction. This handy hygiene-slash-beauty kit essential helps whiten your teeth and combat stains from your usual activities (even smoking and other bad habits like those we mentioned above). Don’t let ruined teeth ruin your #lyf, and get closer to achieving that perfect white smile you’ve always wanted.

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