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5 Period Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Think bed rest will stop the cramps and the heavy flow? Nope.
July 01, 2015
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Growing up, we’ve heard so many stories from our titas and lolas about periods that it’s almost hard to tell which ones are reliable and which aren't. Myths have a way with messing up with your head and making you feel like you can’t do certain things. We’re here to tell you that as a Cosmo Girl, there is NOTHING that should stop you from doing everything you want to do in life—not even these age-old period myths.

Myth: The ONLY thing you need is bed rest.

Fact: A lot of people think that because you lose blood during your period, you need to rest and lie down all the time. However, it’s pretty normal for women to lose about 4-12 tablespoons of blood at this time so know that you don’t have to be anxiously strapped to your bed. If anything, you should start moving around and exercising because it actually helps regulate your flow and keep the cramps away. 

Myth: You can shorten/delay your period by jumping off a flight of stairs.

Fact: You’ve probably heard of this one before and it’s absolute BS. No, jumping off 5 steps won’t shorten your period days to 5. The truth is, menstrual cycles vary from woman to woman. It is largely affected by diet changes, stress, illness, and the amount of exercise you get. So skip the stair jump and start a fitness routine instead. Trust us, a balanced body is a healthier way to regulate your cycle.

Myth: You're not supposed to move when you have PMS.

Fact: Premenstrual syndrome is a wide variety of physical and emotional symptoms that—surprise—can be relieved with a little exercise. For more serious symptoms, stock up on ibuprofen to combat cramps or better yet, ask your doctor for advice on how to deal with PMS.

Myth: You shouldn’t eat ____ when you’re on your period.

Fact: Though it is advisable to eat lots of iron-rich foods during your period, you’re pretty much free to eat whatever you want. You’re also free to eat ice cream as much as you want because, contrary to popular belief, cold food won’t worsen your cramps and make it more difficult for you to move. To avoid that bloated feeling, just make sure to eat salts and sweets in moderation and throw in some light cardio for good measure.

Myth: Hot compress will help increase your period flow.

Fact: No matter what you do, your period flow will still get heavy during your first few days. While hot compress has been proven to help relax tensed muscles, it actually doesn’t affect the amount of blood you let out during your period. You can also try easy yoga poses (standing poses like the triangle and the half-moon are a good start) to help ease the pain in your pelvic area.

For these exercises, make sure you stock up on more absorbent pads like MODESS® All Nights. It can absorb 25% more liquid than your regular pad, making it the best choice for your heavy days.

Sudden gushes and tagos? Now those two are myths we can totally debunk with Modess! Now go forth and enlighten other Cosmo Girls by sharing this article!

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