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5 Ways To Handle A Particularly Bad Period

Conquer your red days with these tips!
May 28, 2020
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PMS, cramps, and the threat of staining your underwear are just some of the things you can’t quite control when you have your period. But while it’s common to experience pain and inconvenience during your period, that doesn’t mean you should let it get the best of you. Below, we list some of our best tips to help conquer your red days:

1. Break out the heating pad.

If you get bad cramps when you're on your period, try pressing a heating pad to your belly. The warmth will help soothe and relax your muscles, easing the pain from the cramps. If you don’t have a heating pad at home, fill a water bottle with warm water instead!

2. Have some dark chocolates.

Put down the milk chocolates! While they might satisfy your sweet tooth, most sweet chocolates contain theobromine, a stimulant that could make your period pain feel worse. Instead, go for dark chocolates. They usually have a lower sugar count and can help boost your mood and relieve pain.

3. Don’t skip your workout.

While working out might be the last thing you want to do when you’re on your period, a bit of light exercise definitely has its benefits. Yoga, indoor aerobics, and even something as simple as following a workout video can increase your blood flow and relieve cramps. If your barkada is syncing, why not do online exercise classes together? The endorphins might even help you forget that you’re on your period in the first place.

4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

When you’re on your period, you lose a lot of fluids. And while it might seem counterintuitive to chug a glass of water when you’re bloated enough as it is, doing so will actually help improve water retention and ease bloating. It’s important to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, and lay off the salt and alcohol, too, as they can dehydrate you. Tip: Keep your water in a reusable bottle—even if you're just at home. Doing this will let you know how much you're drinking per day.

5. Use a feminine wash specifically made for red days.

As if your period itself wasn't enough to deal with, you might also be experiencing itch and irritation in your vagina. Your sensitive skin might have a bad reaction to pads and tampons, or older lingering blood and inflammation could cause you to itch more than usual. Either way, it can get extremely uncomfortable.

To help ease irritation, use a feminine wash made for red days that targets itch, irritation, and bacteria growth, like GynePro Ultra Protection Feminine Wash. It helps conquer feminine discomfort and can help kill bacteria that cause odor, itch, and irritation. BTW, you can even use it when you’re not on your period or after you have sex.

For more details, follow GynePro Ultra Protection Feminine Wash on Facebook and get the feminine wash for red days on Lazada or in leading drugstores and supermarkets.


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